Over the last several decades , there has been a growing interest in matters pertaining to Genealogy which from the earliest of times, has formed the basis of true history. That natural instinct which prompts one to love the place of his or her birth, to know the history of the origin and descent of a family or race, and the circumstances in the lives of our progenitors is attracting the attention of the intellectual public, in their never ending pursuit for answers.

History reveals the story of man's past and the progressive development of human society. The human evidence of how man had a determined influence upon history , is found in their expressions of thought, art, culture and politics. History depends on human evidence, not only in annals and chronicles , but in all sorts of forms (monuments, buildings, artifacts, business papers, newspapers, laws, traditions, vital statistics, literature expressing man's philosophy, science and religion.) In the ancient records of the great nations and peoples of the past, preservation of lineages occupied an important place . All historical evidence can be extremely helpful in shedding light upon man's civilization and deeds.

Thanks to many established organizations and historical societies, within the towns of each state, of this country that have taken great steps in securing and preserving historical documents, newspapers and vital records on microfilm and placing them in climate controlled facilities, a project which has been quite costly, for the benefit of future generations. America's sacred symbols that have been vulnerable to the ravages of time, are also being restored to their original forms.. Many libraries even have a genealogical department where lineages may be inspected. Scholars are resurrecting older resources and are beginning to rewrite selected histories in the light of new research on that particular subject matter.

In the process of my own genealogical research I have now come to the realization that the more I familiarize myself with the social and economic conditions of peoples, their racial affinities and the physical environment in which my ancestors lived, a better comprehension as to Who, What, Where, Why and When will be established.

I am convinced that history is an essential factor in assisting a genealogist to achieve a somewhat successful result from its diligent search efforts.

In my eight years of genealogical research, of microfilm, microfiches, articles and multiple resources on the internet, that was available to the public, I was able to find clues that led me to positive results on my family tree. It is amazing how many helpful people there are on the genealogical mailing lists, that were extremely knowledgeable and more than willing in their sharing of information. One of the mailing list of which I am proud to be a subscriber for several years, is the New York Brooklyn List. In the same manner that I was able to benefit from the voluntary contributions of the people, I decided to offer my services as a voluntary transcriber of researched genealogical and historical information to the public as my small contribution to preserving the history of this nation.

The History Box.com was created and is maintained by Miriam Medina, researcher and transcriber of this site.  The History Box. com's educational intent is to provide information of historical interest that is relevant to the people of New York State, New York City and American history, and direct them to the sources that it has utilized which are available to the public.  The contents of this site are derived from extensive research of public records, newspapers, books and web links. I myself, with over eight years of experience transcribing for historical societies, and other organizations have vetted the articles, personally ensuring that they are from reliable, credible sources, as I scrutinized them for historical accuracy. It is a source of quality information for researchers, historians, literary scholars, writers, historical societies and academic institutions.

Please note, the absence of advertisements and pop-up ads, with the exception to our search engine provided by Yahoo! I find them to be very distracting. It interferes with the concentration of the reader and takes away from the purpose of what this site is all about. I do promote other sites, if I feel it is beneficial.

As a native New Yorker, from Manhattan, the area of interest on which I will focus, will be New York City. New York City is noted for its enormous cultural and educational resources, its theaters, art galleries, museums, its rich historical background, a major tourist attraction where millions come each year to witness and partake of man's creative power. It is the center of advertising, fashion, publishing and radio broadcasting in the United States. In other words It is a dynamic expression of American civilization. Although it has had its share of growing pains, political, social and economic upheavals, there exists a profound spirit of courage, strength and perseverance among its citizens. Through The History Box. com, we will  share in those moments of the past.  So welcome aboard, sit back , get comfortable , and enjoy the trip, as we travel through time.

Member of the New York Historical Society
Member of the Urban History Association
Member of the American Association for State and Local History
Member of the National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty
Member of the National Council for History Education
Member of the Foundation For the National Archives
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The present is the continuation of the past, one cannot exist without the
other, without a past there cannot be a future.


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