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Place our Banner Ad on your site linking your visitors to The Copy and paste the code and insert into your site. ( is the leading resource for pursuing family history research online. connects Internet users to the most comprehensive online genealogical resources available. Users have access to hundreds of millions of fully searchable individual records, including all available US Census records (1790 – 1930). Users can search by record type, locality, or simply view scanned images of original historical documents. Access to these records is available through both free and premium subscription models, with nearly half of the content available on the site offered free to all visitors. With a paid subscription base of over 800,000 is among the largest paid subscription sites on the Internet.
L.I. | Long Island Our Story provided by
Long Island: Our Story, the most extensive series ever undertaken by Newsday, documents local history from the Ice Age to the Space Age. In addition to the hundreds of pages produced for Newsday's print editions, this site offers a wealth of additional photos, source documents, audio, video and more.  This special online section combines community profiles with historical snapshots and maps from the turn of the century. Clicking through the section reveals just how much Long Island and Queens have changed over 100 years.

Countless people across many departments in Newsday joined to create this ambitious project. The community profiles were researched and written by Newsday staff writers Rhoda Amon, Bill Bleyer, Molly McCarthy, Tom Morris and Andrew Smith. Also contributing were staff researchers Virginia Dunleavy and Georgina Martorella, and freelance researchers Joan Catz-Wurtzel and Adam Rattiner. Section editor: Richard Firstman. News editors: Larry Striegel and Richard L. Wiltamuth. Photo editor: Jeff Schamberry.

"Mimi Speaks" Blog
Miriam Medina, or “Mimi,” is the site administrator of, a non-profit educational website. “Mimi Speaks” is her blog. Many of the people who have benefited from their visits to history, educational or genealogical websites have never had the opportunity to know, on a personal level, the individual or group that works behind the scene, researching and providing trustworthy information that is made available to the public for free. Motivated by the curiosity of many readers of, the “Mimi Speaks” blog was created, as an informal way of getting to know each other through discussions on a variety of issues.

Vibrant topics such as East Harlem with its Italian Feasts; Chasing Elusive Ancestors; New York City’s Early Riots; Domestic Violence; Self-Direction; The Crash of 1929 followed by the Great Depression,  I Love New York; What We Can Do When Things Go Wrong; To Be or Not To Be Discouraged? Ah! That is The Question and much more, all find their way to the “Mimi Speaks” blog. View Table of Contents.
New York Public Library: The Irma and Paul Milstein Div of U.S.History, Local History and Genealogy
The New York Public Library a unique and complex institution. It comprises simultaneously a set of scholarly research collections and a network of community libraries, and its intellectual and cultural range is both global and local, while singularly attuned to New York City. It is one of the great knowledge institutions of the world, where its many collections and services are freely available to all comers. The Milstein Division collects materials documenting American History on the national, state and local level, Genealogy, Heraldry, Personal and Family Names, and Flags.


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