Section: The Arts

Directory: New York City History

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Section: Painting/Sculpture
Article Name: New York City's Early Artists
Article Name: Art Painting Part I
Article Name: Art Painting Part II
Article Name: Art Exhibitions
Article Name: Sculpture
Web Link: The Painter and The City
Web Link: Art Scenes and The Urban Scene in New York City
Web Link: Genre Painting
Web Link: Still Life Painting
Web Link: Marine Painting
Web Link: Sculpture Books
Web Link: Guide to Public Sculptures

Sub Section: Artist-Norman Rockwell
Web Link: Norman Rockwell American Illustrator and Painter 1894-1978
Web Link: Norman Rockwell Museum
Web Link: Norman Rockwell
Web Link:
Web Link:
Web Link: Norman Rockwell and the Saturday Evening Post
Web Link: Norman Rockwell, A Life written by Laura Claridge  Publisher: Random House .

Sub Section: Artist-Tamara de Lempicka
Web Link: Tamara de Lempicka 1898-1980 Art Portraits
Web Link: The Tamara de Lempicka Gallery
Web Link: Tamara de Lempicka Art Images
Web Link: Tamara de Lempicka: A life of Deco and Decadence By Laura Claridge.

Sub Section: Artist-Sally James Farnham
Article Name: The Equestrian Monument of Simon Bolivar by Michael Reed, Director of the Sally James Farnham Catalogue Raisonne Project
Web Link: Sally James Farnham: Accomplished Sculptress
Web Link: Sally James Farnham Organization-Sculptor
Web Link: Bronze Plaque of Teddy Roosevelt
Web Link: The Twelve Horsepeople of the Metropolis

Sub Section: Artists-Miscellaneous
Web Link: Grandma Moises-Painter
Web Link: Sue Coe-Artist
Web Link: Ross Bleckner: Artist
Web Link: Glenn Goldberg: Artist
Web Link: Micheal David: Artist
Web Link: Michoel Muchnik Chassidic Artist: Crown Heights, Brooklyn.
Web Link: Zalman Kleinman, Chassidic Artist: Crown Heights, Brooklyn
Web Link: Thomas Cole Painter 1801-1848
Web Link: John Rogers Sculptor 1829-1904
Web Link: John Quincy Adams Ward Sculptor 1830-1910
Web Link: Franklin Simmons Sculptor 1839-1913
Web Link: Edward Kemeys 1843-1907
Web Link: Augustus Saint-Gaudens Sculptor 1844-1896
Web Link: Daniel Chester French Sculptor 1850-1931
Web Link: Horatio Greenough Sculptor 1805-1852
Web Link: Thomas Crawford Sculptor 1814-1857
Web Link: Erastus Dow Palmer Sculptor 1817-1904
Web Link: Thomas Ball Sculptor 1819-1911
Web Link: Anne Hall Miniaturist 1792-1863
Web Link: C. Paul Jennewein: Sculptor
Web Link: Alton S. Tobey, Artist and Historian

Sub Section: Art Galleries in New York City
Web Link: Adam Baumgold Gallery
Web Link: Galerie St. Etienne: New York City
Web Link: Nancy Hoffman Gallery
Web Link: George Adams Gallery
Web Link: Tour: American Impressionists of the Late 1800's and Early 1900's: National Gallery of Art
Web Link: Galleries of New York City: Ltr. A
Web Link: Galleries of New York City: Ltr. B
Web Link: Galleries of New York City : Ltr. C
Web Link: Galleries of New York City: Ltr. D
Web Link: Galleries of New York City: Ltr. E
Web Link: Bernard Safran: Gallery of Paintings of New York City

Sub Section: Art Museums, Schools , Studios, Clubs and Organizations
Web Link: Art Space - Manhattan - Decorative Arts Studio and School
Web Link: Dundean Studios - Chatham - Decorative Arts Studio and School for the Professional and Amateur.
Web Link: New York Studio School - Manhattan - Exploring Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Art History in Depth
Web Link: National Academy of Arts Museum and School
Web Link: History of the Salmagundi Club 
Web Link: A Virtual Tour of the Salmagundi Club
Web Link: Museum of Modern Art
Web Link: The Whitney Museum of American Art
Web Link: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Web Link: New Museum of Contemporary Art
Web Link: Sculpture Center: Long Island City, New York
Web Link: The Brooklyn Museum of Art
Web Link: The Cloisters, Fort Tryon Park
Web Link: Dia Art Foundation: Chelsea
Web Link: The Frick Collection
Web Link: New York Academy of Art
Web Link: The Society of American Artists
Web Link: A Brush With History: Paintings From The National Portrait  Gallery (click on
images for larger size)
Web Link: Curator's Choice: Museums and Exhibitions in New York City and Vicinity
Web Link: School of Visual Arts
Web Link: Artists Fellowship, Inc.-History
Web Link: Allied Artists of America
Web Link: Frederic Remington Art Museum
Web Link: Municipal Art Society -History Timeline
Web Link: Hudson River School
Web Link: New York City and the Ashcan school - American Art movement The Ashcan school of American art flourished in New York City at the turn of the 20th century. Ashcan artists, including George Bellows, George Luks, Everett ...

Special Museum of the City of New York: Painting The Town, Cityscapes of New York
Web Link: City Hall and Chambers Street From Broadway c 1825
Web Link: Burning of the Merchants' Exchange, New York, December 16th & 17th 1835
Web Link: Auction In Chatham Square 1843
Web Link: Annual Fair of the American Institute at Niblo's Garden c 1845
Web Link: The Stagecoach "Seventy-Six" of the Knickerbocker Line c 1850
Web Link: The Metropolitan Hotel c 1852
Web Link: United States Barge Office c 1850
Web Link: Wall Street, Half Past Two O'Clock October 13, 1857
Web Link: Fifth Avenue at 89th Street in 1868
Web Link: Skating in Central Park c 1865
Web Link: The Bauern Haus and Carousel (Rockaway Beach) c 1880
Web Link: The Bowery At Night c 1895
Web Link: Steeplechase Park c 1898-1906
Web Link: New York Connecting Railroad Bridge at Hell Gate c 1916-1917
Web Link: Elevated Station c 1929-1930
Web Link: Opening Night, Ziegfeld Follies c 1926
Web Link: 7th Avenue Subway c 1931
Web Link: The Queensboro Bridge c 1935
Web Link: Italian Festa c 1960 Lower East Side
Web Link: A Mother's Pain in East Harlem 1972
Web Link: The Ballroom 1976

Sub Section: Photographer: Mathew B. Brady National Photographic Art Gallery (Washington,D.C.)
Web Link: John Jacob Astor 1822-1890
Web Link: Edwin Booth 1833-1893
Web Link: Ambrose Everett Burnside 1824-1881
Web Link: George Armstrong Custer  1839-1876
Web Link: James Longstreet 1821-1904
Web Link: George Gordon Meade 1815-1872
Web Link: Carl Schurz 1829-1906
Web Link: Lyman Trumbull 1813-1896
Web Link: Fernando Wood 1812-1881
Web Link: Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865

Sub Section: Photographer: William Kurtz 1833-1904
Web Link: Francis Channing Barlow  1834-1896 portrait
Sub Section: Photographer: Napoleon Sarony 1821-1896
Web Link: Portrait: Daniel Edgar Sickles 1825-1924
Sub Section Photographer: Robert Dennis Collection of Stereoscopic Views
Web Link: Stereoscopic Views of Fifth Avenue, New York City

Special A Camera's Eye View of the City of New York
Sub Section: Selected Images of Ellis Island and Immigration 1880-1920
Web Link: Waiting for Ellis Island Ferry
Web Link: Welcome to the Land of Freedom
Web Link: Landing At Ellis Island
Web Link Ellis Island, New York
Web Link Awaiting Examination, Ellis Island
Web Link Examination Hall Ellis Island
Web Link Emigrants Coming To The Land of Promise
Web Link Italian Immigrant Family at Ellis Island

Sub Section: New York City Photos -Early 1900's and Later.
Web Link Historical photos of Chinatown and Surrounding Area In the Early 20th Century
Web Link Italian Neighborhood Mulberry Street  1900-1910
Web Link Family in Attic Home with Drying Laundry  1900-1910
Web Link: Ruins of the Red Hook Grain Terminal Brooklyn, N.Y.
Web Link: The Boatyard Ruins, Photographer: Shaun Oboyle
Web Link: Sea View Hospital Ruins, Photographer: Shaun Oboyle, A photographic tour of the ruins of the historic Staten Island hospital (listed here as hospital X).
Web Link: Forgotten New York
Web Link: The Triangle Factory Fire Photo Gallery
Web Link: Images From New York Album 1883
Web Link: Old Staten Island, Borough of Richmond (Photos)    
Web Link: Brooklyn Tenement Interior 1934
Web Link: Child Labor-Smoking (picture) Boys work 7:am to 6:pm
Web Link: Tenement Bedroom 1937

Sub Section: Pictures of Early Tenement Living in New York City, Photographer: Lewis W. Hine: George Eastman House Collection
Web Link: Tenement Life-child bathing in Sink
Web Link: Poor Home New York City Tenement
Web Link: Child Labor At Home
Web Link: New York Tenement Family Gets Fresh Air On a Hot Day, 1910
Web Link: Newsboys in the early 1900s
Web Link: Street Play in the Early Days of New York City-1910
Web Link: Boys With Wagons of Scrap Wood
Web Link: Boy Carrying Home Work From New York  Sweatshops
Web Link: Child Labor in Tenement Building
Web Link: Negro Family, Tenement Living Photo
Web Link: Italian Family Making Artificial Flowers in Tenement Building
Web Link: Firewood-East Side New York 1912
Web Link: Women Rag Pickers-1915
Web Link: Tenement Street Scene-1910
Web Link: Kitchen in a Cold Water Flat Tenement
Web Link: New York Home Work in Tenement
Web Link: New York Homework Family 1906

Section: Caricaturists and Cartoonists

Sub Section:

Brief Sketches
Web Link: Claire A. Brig, Artist 1875-1930
Web Link:
Web Link: Thomas Nast 1840-1902 Caricaturist
Web Link: Joseph Ferdinand Keppler (1838-1894)
Web Link: William Hogarth 1697-1764
Web Link: Harry Conway Fisher 1884-1954 Cartoonist
Web Link: Arthur Henry Young 1866-1943 Cartoonist
Web Link: William Allen Rogers 1854-1931 Cartoonist

Section: The Art of Store Window Design/Exhibits
Web Link: Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Windows, New York City
Web Link: Lord & Taylor Holiday Windows
Web Link: Macy's Holiday Windows, New York City
Web Link: Ladie's Mile Store Window 19th Century

Section: The Art of Advertising

Sub Section:

Advertising Information
Web Link: Emergence of Advertising in American 1850-1920
Web Link: From Hawthorne to Hard-Sell, Radio Advertising and How it got that way
Web Link: Quaint and Curious Advertisements In Old New York
Web Link: Radio Advertising and How It Got That Way
Web Link: Illustrated Radio Ads and Cover Art (click on pictures)
Web Link: Advertising Pictures, Wall Paper and Interior Decorations
Web Link: Advertising Pianos, Music and Musical Instruments
Web Link: Advertising A Dressmaking Establishment
Web Link: Introduction for Retail Advertising
Web Link: What Bright Retailers and Advertisers Look For
Web Link: Advertising Typographical Arrangement
Web Link: Advertising Illustrations and Their Uses
Web Link: Theatrical Advertising
Web Link: Advertising In Publications
Web Link: Advertising Suggestions
Web Link: Advertising, The Superstructure
Web Link: The American Package Museum
Web Link: Antique Ads
Web Link: Corset Advertisements

Section: The Art of Architecture

Sub Section:

Architecture of Buildings
Article Name Early Architecture of New York City
Article Name Brief Sketches Of Old Buildings of New York City
Article Name Early Buildings of New York City Prior to 1901
Article Name Our City Hall and the Old Castle Garden
Article Name The Houses on Lafayette Place
Article Name Church Buildings of New York City
Web Link: New York City Skyscrapers-early 1900s
Web Link: A Digital Archive of American Architecture
Web Link: Architectural Terms
Web Link: Glossary: Fundamental Terminology of Structural Behavior
Web Link: Architecture of New York City
Web Link: NYC Skyscrapers early century
Web Link: Home Life Building
Web Link: New York Streetscapes, Tales of Manhattan's Building and Landmarks
Web Link: The Tallest Towers of New York City
Web Link: The Sun Building
Web Link: Tontine Building
Web Link: Types of New York City Buildings
Web Link: Understanding Old Buildings, The Process of Architectural Investigation
Web Link: The Tweed Courthouse
Web Link: Clock Tower Building
Web Link: The Excelsior Building
Web Link: The Woolworth Building
Web Link: The History of 291 Church Street
Web Link: Turtle Bay Gardens
Web Link: Whitehall Building
Web Link: Standard Oil Building
Web Link: First Precinct, NYPD
Web Link: Delmonico's (Pictures and Words)
Web Link: Barclay-Vesey Building
Web Link: Helmsley Building
Web Link: University Club Building
Web Link: St. Regis-Sheraton Hotel
Web Link: New York Yacht Club
Web Link: Charlton-King-Vandam Historic District
Web Link: Broadway-Chambers Building
Web Link: St. Patrick's Old Cathedral
Web Link: Medieval New York
Web Link Wall Street Area
Web Link SOHO District
Web Link Ladie's Mile Area
Web Link 42nd Street: Grand Central to the United Nations
Web Link: To Have and Have Mott: Bronx Buildings
Web Link: That's Showbiz: Bronx Theatre Buildings
Web Link: Our Houses: A Chronology
Web Link: Proud Old Houses
Web Link: The Ansonia Hotel and Apartment Building
Web Link: Architecture-Algonquin Hotel
Web Link: Westin Hotel
Web Link: The Sherry Netherland Hotel
Web Link: The Hotel Pierre
Web Link: The Ritz Carlton Hotel (formerly the St. Moritz Hotel)
Web Link: The Century Apartments-Upper West Side
Web Link: The Majestic Apartments
Web Link: The San Remo Apartments
Web Link: The Beresford Apartment Building
Web Link: The Eldorado Apartment Building
Web Link: Langham Apartment Building
Web Link: The Apthorp Apartment Building
Web Link: The Manhasset Apartment Building
Web Link: The Colosseum Apartments
Web Link: Bialystoker Synagogue (pictures and description)
Web Link: Congregation K'Hal Adath Jeshurun (Eldridge Street Synagogue)
Web Link: Congregation Beth Hamedrash Hagodol Synagogue
Web Link: Congregation Shaarai Shomoyim (First Roumanian American Congregation)
Web Link: Central Synagogue
Web Link: Congregation Shearith Israel (Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue
Web Link: Church of the Transfiguration (RC)
Web Link: St. George's Ukrainian Catholic Church
Web Link: St. Patrick's Cathedral (RC)
Web Link: Church of St. Paul the Apostle (RC)
Web Link: Church of the Holy Apostles
Web Link: St. George's Church
Web Link: St. Bartholomew's Church
Web Link: St. Thomas Church
Web Link: Church of the Incarnation
Web Link: St. Michael's Church
Web Link: St. Mark's in the Bowery Church
Web Link: Cathedral Church of St. John The Divine
Web Link: First Presbyterian Church
Web Link: Riverside Church
Web Link: Joseph Papp Public Theater (orig. Astor Library)
Web Link: Bouwerie Lane Theater
Web Link: Grace Church (Episcopalian)
Web Link: Bergdorf Goodman Department Store
Web Link: The Harvard Club of New York City
Web Link: New York Athletic Club
Web Link: Art Student's League
Web Link: St James Theater
Web Link: Times Square Theater
Web Link: Virginia Theater
Web Link: Lunt-Fontaine Theater
Web Link: Winter Garden Theater
Web Link: The B. Altman Department Store
Web Link: The Schinasi Mansion
Web Link: Bloomingdale's
Web Link: Metro Theater
Web Link: Dutch Collegiate Church 77th Street, Manhattan
Web Link: The New York Crystal Palace: The Birth of a Building-1853
Web Link: Architectural History of New York City

Section: The Theatre, An Expression of Dramatic Art

Article Name

New York Theatres, Old and New 
Article Name New York City's Places of Amusement
Article Name New York City's Historical Tid-Bits-Theatres
Article Name Brief Sketches of Theatrical People, Playwrights, etc.
Web Link: Radio City Music Hall
Web Link: Demolished Broadway Theatres-M-O
Web Link: The Biltimore Theatre-West 47th Street
Web Link: A History of Playbills and Theatre Programs
Web Link: The Ambassador Theatre
Web Link: The Booth Theater
Web Link: Movie Palaces of Washington Heights and Inwood
Web Link: Directory of Current Theatre Listings in Manhattan
Web Link: New Amsterdam Theater -42nd Street
Web Link: Palace Theater
Web Link: Loew's 175th Theater
Web Link: The Majestic Theater
Web Link: The Winter Garden Theater
Web Link: Pictorial Diagrams of New York Theatres-1883
Web Link: Biltmore Theater
Web Link: Looking at the Business of Theatre 1896-1919
Web Link: Theatre Professions and Unions
Web Link: Ethel Barrymore Theater
Web Link: Eugene O'Neill Theater
Web Link: Helen Hayes Theater
Web Link: Theatre Lingo
Web Link: Theatre Etiquette
Web Link: Theater in New York City...the History of Theatre
Web Link: The History of Harlem's Apollo Theatre
Web Link: Lyceum Theater
Web Link: Old Theatres On Broadway
Web Link: Neill Simon Theater
Web Link: Music Box Theater
Web Link: The Roxy Theater (photo)
Web Link: Photo Gallery-Loew's Collection
Web Link: Forgotten NY/ Bronx Theaters
Web Link: The Vail-Leavitt Music Hall-Riverhead, N.Y.
Web Link: 1800's Ephmera-Theater
Web Link: Broadway and Off-Broadway Theatres
Web Link: NYC's Theatrical Agents and Agencies
Web Link: The Secret History of the Sunshine Theater
Web Link: The History of Props
Web Link: The American Academy of Dramatic Arts
Web Link: Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre - Manhattan - provides a
full-time conservatory atmosphere that concentrates on the artistic growth of
the actor.
Web Link: School for Film and Television - Manhattan - conservatory for acting in film
and television.

Section: Dance: The Creative Art of Body Movement

Sub Section:

Dance Interpretations
Article Name Social Amusements In The Olden Time In New York: Early 1800s
Web Link: Free To Dance, Dance Timeline
Web Link: All About Tap Dance
Web Link: History of the Lindy Hop
Web Link: Lindy Dance Music
Web Link: History of Swing Dancing
Web Link: History of Salsa Dance
Web Link: Salsa Dance Music
Web Link: Merengue Dance
Web Link: Tango Craze
Web Link: The Boogie Woogie
Web Link: Mambo Dance History
Web Link: Dance History Archives
Web Link: The Polka Dance
Web Link: The History of Dance
Web Link: Dance in Stage Musicals
Web Link: Early Ragtime
Web Link: Spanish Dancing
Web Link: Foxtrot Dance
Web Link: Jazz Dance
Web Link: Dances of Colonial America
Web Link: The Ragtime Story
Web Link: Dancing Information
Web Link: Scott Joplin and Ragtime
Web Link: How to Dance a Cotillion
Web Link: The Quadrille
Web Link: The Polka
Web Link: The Waltz
Web Link: History of Modern Ballroom Dancing

Sub Section:

Ballet, A Graceful Narration
Article Name Ballet-1872
Web Link: The History of Ballet
Web Link: The History of Ballet Shoes
Web Link: Historical Ballet Notes
Web Link: Ballet Alert
Web Link: Ballet Dancers
Web Link: New York City Ballet
Web Link: New York City Ballet;-Repetory and Dancers
Web Link: A Glance At The Ballet's Technique
Web Link: George Balentine, Ballet Choreographer
Web Link: School of American Ballet
Web Link: New York Theatre Ballet
Web Link: The Joffrey Ballet School American Ballet Center-History
Web Link: Esprit de Corps - recollections of ballet dancer Barbara Walczak - 50th anniversary of New York City Ballet Company - Cover Story - Interview
Web Link: Footnote to Balanchine - memories of Ballet Society and choreographer George Balanchine - 50th anniversary of New York City Ballet Company
Web Link: Prodigal son of City Ballet - New York City Ballet dancer Ethan Stiefel
Web Link: Heather Watts: Final Bow at New York City Ballet - Ballet Dancer - Interview
Web Link: Dance history professor Dawn Lille Horwitz began collecting oral histories from African American ballet dancers a few years ago and this led to a treasure-trove ...


Opera, The Art of Singing
Article Name Brief Sketches of Opera Singers
Web Link: First Opera House
Web Link: Dicapo Opera Theatre
Web Link: New York Grand Opera
Web Link: Regina Opera Company in Brooklyn
Web Link: Brooklyn Academy of Music
Web Link: From Dream To Reality, 50 Years of the Amato Opera
Web Link: The History of the Opera Glove
Web Link: Opera and The Task Of Prima Donna
Web Link: Opera-Wagner's Personality
Web Link: Origin and Development of Opera
Web Link: New York City Opera
Web Link: Information on Opera
Web Link: Opera Voices: Who Sings Opera?
Web Link: A Brief History of Singing
Web Link: Collingswood Opera House (Bardavon)-Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Web Link: Singers Forum Foundation - Manhattan - nonprofit academy dedicated to teaching
vocal arts: opera, musical theatre, jazz, cabaret, and speech.
Web Link: Performance History of Beethhoven's "Fidelio"
Web Link: Performance History of Bizet's "Carmen"
Web Link: Performance History of Puccini's "La Boheme"
Web Link: Performance History of Puccini's "Tosca"
Web Link: Performance History of Verdi's "Aida"
Web Link: New York City Opera History

Sub Section:

Music, The Art of Arranging Sounds
Web Link: History of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center
Web Link:
Web Link: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Baroque Music
Web Link: Baroque Music-Part I
Web Link: Baroque Music-Part II
Web Link: Bach's Cantatas: A Brief Orientation, Baroque Music Club
Web Link: Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
Web Link: Classic Music Venues in New York City
Web Link: New York Philharmonic Orchestra
Web Link: Queen's Symphony Orchestra
Web Link: Carnegie Hall
Web Link: American Composers Orchestra
Web Link: Barge Music Fulton Ferry Landing-Brooklyn
Web Link: Brooklyn Academy of Music
Web Link: The New Choral Society - About Us
Web Link: Riverside Symphony
Web Link: The New York Choral Society
Web Link: New Amsterdam Singers-History
Web Link: WQXR 96.3 FM The Classical  Station of the New York Times
Web Link: Mostly Mozart Festival
Web Link: Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra
Web Link: The Dessoff Choir
Web Link: Early Music New York
Web Link: Oratorio Society of NY-History
Web Link: Peoples' Symphony Concerts-History
Web Link: Bloomingdale School of Music - Manhattan - private music instruction and classes for instruments and voice, community outreach projects, ensembles, and concerts.


Fashion Design, An Art
Sub Section: General Fashion Information
Web Link: The History of Clothing
Web Link: Theories of Fashion
Web Link: History of the Fashionable Bathing Suits
Web Link: Sewing Machines and Clothing Industry
Web Link: The Birth of Ready-To-Wear Fashion
Web Link: 19th Century Fashion and the Sewing Machine
Web Link: Historic Fashions- Turning the Century
Web Link: Fashion Planet

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