Section: Behind The Camera's Eye: A Nostalgic View Of Vintage New York City

Directory: New York City History

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Introduction: The photographs and paintings that are presented here are from a wide variety of artists exhibited on various websites. This treasure trove of collected prints, rich with sentimental or narrative association reflect urban life in vintage NYC. It is evident that the works of these photographers or painters inspired by different motivations and purposes, are dedicated to educate the citizens  in its complex city history. Let us all be grateful for their wonderful contribution.

Section University of Virginia Exhibition
Web Link: Brooklyn Bridge
Web Link: Fifth Avenue at 59th Street
Web Link: The Viaduct
Web Link: High Bridge
Web Link: Grand Central
Web Link: The Tombs Prison
Web Link: Wall Street
Web Link: Stock Exchange, New York
Web Link: Grant's Tomb and Palisades, New York City
Web Link: Old Grand Central
Web Link: The Woolworth Building
Web Link: The Famous Vanderbilt Mansion
Web Link: The Bridge of Sighs
Web Link: Prisoners on Blackwell island
Web Link: Soldiers and Sailors Monument                                               All Links working properly as of February 2011

Section The History
Web Link: Images of the Past New York City History Picture Gallery 1-13

Section The John Lileks Exhibition
Web Link: 5th and 42nd
Web Link: 5th Avenue, North from 40th Street, NYC.
Web Link: 23rd street
Web Link: Park Avenue
Web Link: Broadway Chambers Building 1899
Web Link: 5th Avenue Building
Web Link: The Flatiron Building
Web Link: Gillender Building
Web Link: Liggett Building
Web Link: Original Met Life Building                                                           All links working properly as of February 2011

Section Old America Exhibition
Web Link: Interior of the New York Stock Exchange 1910
Web Link: Wall Street and Trinity Church 1904
Web Link: Broad street Lunch Carts 1906
Web Link: Four Beach Dancers 1940
Web Link: Showgirl in Feathers
Web Link: Ice Skating in Central Park 1898
Web Link: 1922 Auto Wreck                                                                     All Links working properly as of February 2011

Section Time Freeze Photo Exhibition
Web Link: Cortlandt Street, looking west, turn of the century.
Web Link: 14th Street at Union Square 1930's
Web Link: 1957  Chevy Belair
Web Link: 5th Avenue 1900, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
Web Link: Ferry Terminal
Web Link: 102 & 104 Christopher Street  1906
Web Link: 132 Christopher Street 1906
Web Link: 19th St. Hudson & Manhattan RR Uptown Entrance
Web Link: NYC Fire Hydrant 1930's                                                          All links working properly as of February 2011

Section A Journey Through Chinatown
Web Link: A Wide Variety of Pictures of the Early 1900s

Section Vintage Photos Exhibition: Nat Fein Estate
Web Link: Babe Ruth At age 53, George Herman Ruth suits up in the Yankee locker room for the last time 6/13/1948.
Web Link: Babe Ruth & Bat Boy 1947
Web Link: 1955 World Champion Brooklyn Dodgers
Web Link: Joe DiMaggio 1953
Web Link: Casey Stengel September 14, 1953
Web Link: Yogi Berra
Web Link: Puppies on Clothesline 1945
Web Link: Old Characters on 3rd Avenue 1939
Web Link: Rabbi Lipschitz
Web Link: Library Building during Victory in Japan Day
Web Link: Greenwich Village Ice Store 1942
Web Link: The Pickle Lady January 20, 1950 (Avenue C between Fifth and Six Streets)
Web Link: Bowery Discussion July 20, 1947
Web Link: Sweet Potato Man 1939
Web Link: Old Lady on 2nd Avenue 1940
Web Link: Second Avenue Jewish Storefront 1940
Web Link: Last Open-Air 5th Ave Bus (December 29, 1946)
Web Link: Bowery & Elevated Subway 1947 (Chatham Square, looking north up the Bowery.

All Links working properly as of February 2011

Section The American Jewish Immigrant Experience: Photos from the YIVO Archives
Web Link: A Dance at Grossingers, the popular Catskill Mountains resort. 1959
Web Link: Workers at the Carmel Bros. cloak making factory in NYC 1944
Web Link: A scene from Tog un nakht (Day and night by Sh. Ansky, Unzer teater Bronx, N.Y. 1923
Web Link: Sarah Eisenberg and coworkers at a women's hat factory circa World War I
Web Link: Jewish immigrants outside a shelter run by HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), New York City 1916
Web Link: Rosh Hashanah greeting card portrait of Bella Reznikov, Brooklyn 1910

All links are working properly as of February 2011

Section Historic Photo Archive Exhibition
Web Link: Mail Wagon, NYC.
Web Link: Police Parade, New York City, 1890's
Web Link: Coney Island Entrance 1890's
Web Link: Tombs Prison 1890's
Web Link: Third Avenue Elevated Train 1890's
Web Link: Madison Avenue, Madison Square Gardens. New York City, ca. 1890's

All links are working properly as of February 2011

Section Rebecca Lepkoff  Exhibition
Web Link: Photographs of New York's Lower East Side during the 1930's and 1940's (click on images to enlarge)
Web Link: Photos of New York City from the 1940's-Series 2  (click on images to enlarge)

Section New York Public Library Digital Gallery
Web Link: Manhattan: 46th Street (West)-6th Avenue 1904  Ambulances
Web Link: Automobiles: A Modern Way of Seeing the Metropolis  1903
Web Link: The Evolution of Manhattan (Automobiles) circa 1902
Web Link: Automobiles on Fifth Avenue 1921
Web Link: Bathing Suits 1908
Web Link: Women in Bathing Suits with parasols 1910's
Web Link: Bowery and Elevated Road, New York
Web Link: Broad Street, New York City 1893
Web Link: Stock Exchange at Broad Street 1890
Web Link: The Garment District, NYC.
Web Link: A Stage in the Thirties
Web Link: First Electric Cabs in New York 1897
Web Link: Interior of the Fish Market 1877
Web Link: Interior of the New York Stock Exchange 1885
Web Link: Newspaper Carriers
Web Link: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Building 1898
Web Link: Herald Square, Sixth Avenue, Broadway and Thirty-fifth Street.
Web Link: The Hall of an Old Tenement
Web Link: Tenement Life In New York: Rag-Pickers' Court, Mulberry Street 1879
Web Link: Newsstand, 32nd Street and Third Avenue, Manhattan 1935
Web Link: Automat, 977 Eighth Avenue, Manhattan 1936
Web Link: Greyhound Bus Terminal, 33rd and 34th Streets 1936
Web Link: Fifth Avenue Bus, Washington Square, Manhattan.
Web Link: Chicken Market, 55 Hester Street, Manhattan 1937                      All links working properly as of February 2011

Section Leon Dolice's Vintage New York
Web Link: The Vintage New York Traveling Exhibition                                 Link working properly as of February 2011

Section Miscellaneous
Web Link: A Picture History of Kew Gardens, New York
Web Link: Broadway Neon Lights New York City
Web Link: New York City Transit Scenes: Past and Present
Web Link: Forgotten New York
Web Link: A Perfect Fit: The Garment Industry and American Jewry 1860-1960 (A Brief Description)

Section The Joseph Brennan Exhibition
Web Link: Abandoned Stations                                                                    Link working properly as of February 2011

Section Webshots Travel Vintage New York Postcards Exhibition
Web Link: 6th Avenue Shopping District, NY 1906
Web Link: 110th St. Elevated Curve, NY 1906
Web Link: Borough Hall, Tompkinsville, Staten Island, NY 1907
Web Link: City Hall Subway Station, NY, 1906
Web Link: Curve and Brooklyn Terminal, Brooklyn Bridge 1905
Web Link: L.I. RR Depot, Richmond Hill, Long Island 1910
Web Link: Riverside Park and Drive in NY, 1906                                                 Links working properly as of February 2011

Section Freefoto Exhibit
Web Link: 1915 Vauxhall Vintage Car
Web Link: Stutz USA Vintage Car
Web Link: A Vintage Car
Web Link: Another Vintage Car                                                                           Links working properly as of February 2011

Section Shorpy Historic Photo Archive
Web Link: Little Italy 1900
Web Link: Bathing Beauties 1919
Web Link: Bathing Beauties 1924
Web Link: Frosted Fifth: 1905
Web Link: Hotel Manhattan
Web Link: Gawkers 1913
Web Link: Our Lady of Lourdes School 468 West 143rd Street in New York 1914
Web Link: Dead Horse in NYC 1905
Web Link: December 1941. "Lower Manhattan seen from the S.S. Coamo leaving New York
Web Link: NYC 1924
Web Link: Taxicab Service at Madison Square 1900
Web Link: Rockefeller Center and RCA Building 515 Madison Avenue 1933
Web Link: New York, New York December 15, 1931 52nd St. and East River
Web Link: Longacre Square in NYC 1904
Web Link: Washday at 107th Street and Park Avenue 1900
Web Link: New York Tenement 1910
Web Link: Grand Central Station 1913
Web Link: Gotham Underground 1904
Web Link: Gotham City 1910
Web Link: Chillin' Uner the El: 1913
Web Link: Death Avenue: 1911                                                         February 2011 Links all working

Section The Museum of the City of New York : Era 1880-1900s
Web Link: New Bronx Theatre
Web Link: Theaters, Rialto Theatre 1916 Brooklyn, New York
Web Link: Theatre, Casino, 39th Street and Broadway 1898
Web Link: 1626 Broad Lindy's Restaurant 2nd floor ca. 1921
Web Link: Brooklyn Strike 1899
Web Link: Broadway at 41st Street. Castle Sq. Opera Co. ca. 1901
Web Link: Hotel Astor Dec. 7th 1904
Web Link: Dinner, Colgate & Co. 100th Anniversary 1906
Web Link: Dinner, to Mark Twain in Honor of his 70th Birthday 1905
Web Link: T.P.S.J. Banquet, Hotel Astor, Feb. 1905 1905                           All links working a/o February 2011

Section Lewis W. Hine Exhibit at the George Eastman House
Web Link: On the ferry boat leaving Ellis Island, Italian Family 1905
Web Link: Group of immigrants (mostly Germans) at Ellis Island 1926
Web Link: Immigrants being sent by rail from Ellis Island 1926
Web Link: Lunch Time at Ellis Island 1926
Web Link: Italians at Ellis Island 1905
Web Link: Climbing Into America
Web Link: Jewish Grandmother Ellis Island 1926
Web Link: Italian Family, Ellis Island 1905
Web Link: Slovak Mother & Child, Ellis Island 1905
Web Link: Boy Shining Shoes NYC 1912
Web Link: Italian Rag-Pickers 1915
Web Link: Child bathing in Sink 1910
Web Link: Poor Home in New York City 1910
Web Link: Playground in Tenement Alley 1909
Web Link: Newsies Selling In a Saloon 1912
Web Link: Boys With Wagons of Scrap Wood
Web Link: Boy Carrying Home Work From New York  Sweatshops
Web Link: Italian Family Making Artificial Flowers in Tenement Building
Web Link: Boys Working in Subway Bowling Alley at Night 1910                  All links working properly a/o February 2011

Pictures: The Authentic History Center: Has a collection of Jacob Riis photographs with articles of how the early immigrants lived  in New York City.  Click Here

The Authentic History Center is comprised of artifacts and sounds from American popular culture. It was created to teach that the everyday objects in society have authentic historical value and reflect the social consciousness of the era that produced them. Authentic also means conforming to fact, and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief. To meet this definition by presenting an authentic interpretation of American history is our ultimate goal. When a collection is whole enough to be considered an authentic representation of the sources produced about an historical event, they are presented via interpretive essay. Until then, incomplete collections are presented as digital archives without comment for individual study. Additionally, a large audio archive of speeches and news broadcasts are presented for students to experience a level of historical authenticity distinct from written sources. The Authentic History Center is an ambitious work-in-progress and always will be.

Please visit this link to meet the Authentic History Center site creator. 

Section The Marchand Collection At The University of California
Web Link: Italian Immigrants in the Sleeping Quarters that New York offered the Newcomers.
Web Link: Dining room filled with Immigrants on Ellis Island c.1905
Web Link: Three boys sleeping in a corner by a sewer grating.
Web Link: Immigrants on Ellis Island wait for the ferry after disembarking from their ship, 1911
Web Link: Immigrants with suitcases
Web Link: Immigrants buy railroad tickets to the U. S. hinterland. Ellis island
Web Link: A Ludlow Street Tenement Sweat shop
Web Link: Immigrant factory workers outside a plant about 1910
Web Link: Intelligence testing of immigrants, Ellis Island, N.Y. 1910
Web Link: Immigrants crowd deck of Atlantic liner 1906
Web Link: Children on Street, Lower East Side, NYC c.1906
Web Link: Children Playing in Street Sprinkler 1915
Web Link: Father, mother and daughter work together sewing clothing at home."
Web Link: An Italian family and five bunches of artificial flowers in its New York City Home, 1908.
Web Link: Hester Street, c. 1903. The heart of New York City's Lower East Side
Web Link: Child tenement dwellers on a fire escape
Web Link: An alley strewn with bottles and trash, 1889
Web Link: Mother with infant and children in sleeping area of a crowded tenement apartment, c.1910
Web Link: Immigrants making clothing at a shop, 1912
Web Link: Mother and children in a tenement kitchen, 1915
Web Link: Immigrant family working on sewing at home: the Romana family, New York City, 1912.
Web Link: Pushcart peddler in Lower East Side, New  York, early 1900s.
Web Link: Crowded Hester Street, early 1900s.
Web Link: A Street in the Five Points district of New York City, 1870. The slum streets were narrow, crowded and strewn with garbage.
Web Link: Steerage passengers. The "huddled masses," steerage passengers who came by the thousands between 1880 and 1914 to escape the unbearable conditions in Eastern Europe.
Web Link: Immigrants penned up by nationality on Ellis Island c. 1910.      

All Links working properly a/o 2/17/11

Section Retro Snapshots
Web Link: 1940s Vintage Gangsta Car on NYC street
Web Link: 1920's People Watering Horses on a Hot Day [NYC138]
Web Link: 1920 Wall Street Bombing NYC Photo
Web Link: 1940s Old Barber shop
Web Link: 1920s Street Vendors at an Italian Festival in New York       all links working a/o February 2011

Section New York State Library Digital Collections (NYC Images)
Web Link: Hooverville, New York City, 1932
Web Link: New York City Double Decker Bus 1938
Web Link: New York City newsstand 1935
Web Link: Furnished Row Houses 1912
Web Link: Elevated Railroad  1938
Web Link: Cincinnati FerryBoat in New York City 1895-1910?
Web Link: Discarded Elevated Railroad Engines in New York City 1895-1910
Web Link: Outdoor Market 1912
Web Link: Nestor Street from Essex St. in New  York City 1880-1910?
Web Link: Lower Broadway, New York City 1880-1910?
Web Link: Fulton Fish Market 1916
Web Link: Columbus Circle (New York City) 1935
Web Link: Approach to the Triboro Bridge 1936
Web Link: Lower East Side Tenements 1933
Web Link: Mounted Police 1933
Web Link: Man running to catch a city streetcar 1913
Web Link: Old Horse car on West Street in NYC 1915
Web Link: Pell Street in Chinatown, NYC 1900?
Web Link: Dilapidated houses with dormer windows 54 Downing Street 1916
Web Link: Commercial High School, NYC  1895-1910?
Web Link: Morris High School NYC 1897
Web Link: St. Luke's Hospital, NYC  1895-1910
Web Link: Brooklyn's South Waterfront 1931 (The view includes the U.S. Army Base and
Bush Terminal.)
Web Link: Immigrants on Deck of Steamer Awaiting Debarkation at Ellis Island 1925    All Links working properly a/o February 2011


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