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Directory: New York City History

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Section: Radio Broadcasting
Web Link: Old Time, Radio The Golden Years
Web Link: The Library of Congress SONIC database"
 A searchable online database on more than 100,000 broadcast recordings in the Library of Congress's NBC Radio Network Collection, from 1931 thru 1986.
Web Link: Simply Radio Scripts (radio scripts in html format from the golden Age of Radio)
Web Link: Documenting Early Radio, A Review of Existing 1932 Radio Recordings
Web Link: Radios Forgotten Years, Tuning Thru The Great Depression
Web Link: Jeff Miller's Broadcasting History Pages
Web Link: How Radio-Phone Broadcasting Came About (1922)
Web Link: Broadcast Pioneers Library of America Broadcasting Periodicals & Journals
Web Link: Three Famous Notes of Broadcasting History: The NBC Chimes
Web Link: A History of Radio Program Collecting
Web Link: Radio City Playhouse
Web Link: Radio Hall of Fame History
Web Link: Charles Herrold: America's First Broadcaster
Web Link: Johnny O, Broadcast Pioneer: A Tribute
Web Link: A Century of Radio
Web Link: New York History Section of the Broadcast Archive
Web Link: "A Godlike Presence": The Impact of Radio on the 1920s and 1930s
Web Link: May 1, 1922 Broadcast Station List 223 stations
Web Link: May 31, 1922 Broadcast Station List 312 stations
Web Link: Bibliography of Religious Broadcasting: University of Maryland
Web Link:
Web Link:
Web Link:
Web Link: United States Radio Stations as of June 30, 1925
Web Link: United States Radio Stations as of June 30, 1926
Web Link: United States Radio Stations as of June 30, 1927
Web Link: A Day In Radio: Digitized complete day of radio broadcasts from September 21, 1939.
Web Link: Radio vs Wireless (1925)
Web Link: Microphone History
Web Link: Loudspeaker History
Web Link: AM Broadcasting
Web Link: AM Radio, The Early Days
Web Link: AM Radio, Comes of Age

Section: Television
Web Link: History Of Television
Web Link: Network Television
Web Link: Who Invented Television?
Web Link: Invention of Color Television Part I
Web Link: Invention of Color Television Part II
Web Link: Television History-The First 75 Years
Web Link: W3XK America's First Television Station

Section: Advertising
Web Link: Radio Advertising and How It Got That Way
Web Link: The Visitor In Your Living Room: Radio Advertising in the 1930's
Web Link: Costs Of Radio Advertising
Web Link: Old Time Radio Commercials
Web Link: 19th Century Advertising History   Harper's Weekly  (for U.S.)
Web Link: Emergence of Advertising in American 1850-1920
Web Link: From Hawthorne to Hard-Sell, Radio Advertising and How it got that way
Web Link: Quaint and Curious Advertisements In Old New York
Web Link: Advertising Pictures, Wall Paper and Interior Decorations
Web Link: Advertising Pianos, Music and Musical Instruments
Web Link: Advertising A Dressmaking Establishment
Web Link: Introduction for Retail Advertising
Web Link: What Bright Retailers and Advertisers Look For
Web Link: Advertising Typographical Arrangement
Web Link: Advertising Illustrations and Their Uses
Web Link: Theatrical Advertising
Web Link: Advertising In Publications
Web Link: Advertising Suggestions
Web Link: Advertising, The Superstructure
Web Link: No Business Like Old Business- Signs
Web Link: The Sign Has Oldest Experience Table In Advertising
Web Link: Through The Years With Electrical Advertising on the Great White Way
Web Link: California Raisin Ad Story
Web Link: The American Package Museum
Web Link: Antique Ads
Web Link: Corset Advertisements
Web Link: American Advertising: A Brief History
Web Link: Advertising History Timeline
Web Link: Slang in the Great Depression in the form of Advertisements
Web Link: The Art of Persuasion: American Graphic Design Comes of Age
Web Link: D'Arcy Collection
Web Link: The Advertising of Installment Plans
Web Link: Ghost Signs: A short history of those fading yet fantastic old advertising images on brick walls and barns sometimes called ghost signs.

Section: Authors, Historians of Radio Broadcasting
Sub-Section: Donna Halper Articles (Author, Professor, Historian, Broadcast Consultant)
Web Link: Meet Donna Halper
Web Link: The History of Radio
Web Link: Major Edwin Howard Armstrong
Web Link: Irving Vermilya-America's #1
Web Link: African Americans and Early Radio
Web Link: Radio in 1939
Web Link: Radio in 1941
Web Link: Radio in 1943
Web Link: Radio History 1945
Web Link: Invisible Stars announcement
Web Link: WBZ's Early History

Sub-Section: Elizabeth McLeod Articles-Historian
Web Link: Amos n Andy-in person. The Origins of a Radio Landmark
Web Link: From Hawthorne to Hard-Sell, Radio Advertising and How it got that way
Web Link: Documenting Early Radio; (a review of existing pre-1932 radio recording)
Web Link: The WGY Players and the Birth of Radio Drama
Web Link: Dramatic Scoring For Radio; An Historic Overview
Web Link: Local Voices: The Don Lee and Yankee Networks
Web Link: Max Jordan-NBC's Forgotten Pioneer

Section: Newspapers
Article Name: New York City's Newspapers Pre: 1909                Posted 12/23/07
Article Name: Newspapers and Periodicals in NYC 1876 Part I    Posted 2/22/08
Article Name: Newspapers and Periodicals in NYC 1876 Part II   Posted 2/22/08
Article Name: Newspaper Notes 1737
Article Name: Newspaper Notes 1738
Article Name: Newspaper Notes 1739
Article Name: Newspaper Notes 1740
Article Name: Newspaper Notes 1743
Article Name: Newspaper Notes 1744
Article Name: Newspaper Correspondence On Public Matters in NYC From 1704-1708 Part I
Article Name: Newspaper Correspondence On Public Matters in NYC From 1704-1708 Part II
Article Name: Newspaper Correspondence On Public Matters in NYC From 1704-1708 Part III
Article Name: Newspaper Correspondence On Public Matters in NYC From 1704-1708 Part IV
Article Name: Newspaper Correspondence On Public Matters in NYC From 1704-1708 Part V
Article Name: Newspaper Correspondence On Public Matters in NYC From 1704-1708 Part VI
Article Name: The Press In New York City 1868
Web Link: The New York Times 100 years
Web Link: New York City's List of Newspapers, Peiodicals-1930
Web Link: Newspaper Production 1672-1792
Web Link: Newspaper Production 1792-1892
Web Link: Newspaper Production 1892-1992
Web Link: Newspaper Production 1992 An overview of the process used by a major newspaper
Web Link: The Emergence of Females As Professional Journalists
Web Link: Stamps Commemorating Journalism & The Press
Web Link: The Newspaper Editorial That Could Have Won The Civil War For The Confederates
Web Link: Father Christopher C. Drumgoole, Shepherd of the Homeless Newsboys
Web Link: The First American Newspaper To Utilize Newsboys
Web Link: Canarsie Courier Newspaper
Web Link: Newspaper Information By Dan Barrows
Web Link: Long Island Newspapers
Web Link:'s "New York Newspapers"
Web Link: NYS Newspapers on Microfilm at the New York State Library
Web Link: NYS Newspapers on Microfilm at Other Locations in New York State
Web Link: The New York Times-Company Overview
Web Link: History of The Long Island City Star 1865-1896
Web Link: A History of Publishing For People Who Are Blind
Web Link: The Founding of the Associated Press
Web Link: The First Transmission of a Photo by Wire
Web Link: Queens County (NY) Newspapers in Microfilm 
Web Link: Stop The Presses Behind The Brass Door-New York Times
Web Link: Current Newspapers
Web Link: Newspaper Subscriptions: U.S.A. Geographical Listing (No Longer Receiving)
Web Link: New York News Media Morgues
Web Link: New York City Newspapers in Bobst on Microform by Title
Web Link: Center Moriches Record October 31, 1900
Web Link: Sketches of Printers and Printing In Colonial New York
Web Link: Across The Continent: Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper February 9, 1878
Web Link: Names of Newspapers and their Editors  published in 1855  Pages 480-497
Web Link: History Of A New York Institution

Sub Section: Publishers, Editors and Journalists
Article Name: Henry J. Raymond: A Brief Sketch                                                                        Posted 3/16/08
Article Name: James Gordon Bennett: Journalist                                                                         Posted 3/16/08
Article Name: William Cullen Bryant: A Brief Sketch                                                                     Posted 3/16/08
Web Link: Horace Greeley (1811-1872) Editor of The New York Tribune

Sub Section: Magazines
Web Link Frank Leslie
Web Link Colonial Newspapers and Magazines 1704-1775: Benjamin Franklin As A Journalist
Web Link Timeline: Magazine Evolution
Web Link Selected Covers of the Fortune Magazine 1930-1941
Web Link Background Information on Fortune Magazine
Web Link The New Yorker Magazine in the 1930's
Web Link Saturday Evening Post Covers From 1929 to 1941
Web Link Magazine Cover Art From Ainslee's
Web Link Magazine Cover Art From Better Homes and Gardens
Web Link Magazine Cover Art From Century Magazine
Web Link Magazine Cover Art From Collier's
Web Link Magazine Cover Art From Cosmopolitan
Web Link Magazine Cover Art From Good Housekeeping (Early 1900s)
Web Link Magazine Cover Art From Ladie Home Journal
Web Link Magazine Cover Art From Munsey's Magazine
Web Link Magazine Cover Art From The New Yorker
Web Link Magazine Cover Art From Saturday Evening Post

Section: Sign Language, Telephone, Miscellaneous
Web Link: History of Sign Language
Web Link: Early Days of the Telephone
Web Link: Early Office Museum-Antique Communications Equipment
Web Link: Telephone Timeline
Web Link: Telecom History-The 1800s
Web Link:
Web Link: The Island's First Telephones
Web Link: Women Telephone Operators
Web Link: Telecom History- The 1800s
Web Link: Habeas Epistolam - or: 'You've Got Mail!' - the history of communication systems
Web Link: The Electric Telegraph 1860-1914
Web Link: Alexander Graham Bell and The Telephone Part I
Web Link: Alexander Graham Bell and The Telephone Part II
Web Link: Marconi and The Wireless Telegraph Part I
Web Link: Marconi and The Wireless Telegraph Part II

Section: Photography ( "The photos show us things we would otherwise have to imagine from verbal descriptions."  "That's why photos are so important they tell us so much more than any text does.") Professor Norman Thorpe
Web Link: The Beginnings of Photography
Web Link: Glossary of Terms Used With Daguerreotypes
Web Link: Photographers Represented in the Library of Congress Daguerreotype Collection

Sub Section: Photographer: Mathew B. Brady National Photographic Art Gallery (Washington,D.C.)
Web Link: John Jacob Astor 1822-1890
Web Link: Edwin Booth 1833-1893
Web Link: Ambrose Everett Burnside 1824-1881
Web Link: George Armstrong Custer  1839-1876
Web Link: James Longstreet 1821-1904
Web Link: George Gordon Meade 1815-1872
Web Link: Carl Schurz 1829-1906
Web Link: Lyman Trumbull 1813-1896
Web Link: Fernando Wood 1812-1881
Web Link: Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865

Sub Section: Photographer: William Kurtz 1833-1904
Web Link: Francis Channing Barlow  1834-1896 portrait
Sub Section: Photographer: Napoleon Sarony 1821-1896
Web Link: Portrait: Daniel Edgar Sickles 1825-1924
Sub Section Photographer: Robert Dennis Collection of Stereoscopic Views
Web Link: Stereoscopic Views of Fifth Avenue, New York City

Special A Camera's Eye View of the City of New York
Sub Section: Selected Images of Ellis Island and Immigration 1880-1920
Web Link: Waiting for Ellis Island Ferry
Web Link: Welcome to the Land of Freedom
Web Link: Landing At Ellis Island
Web Link Ellis Island, New York
Web Link Awaiting Examination, Ellis Island
Web Link Examination Hall Ellis Island
Web Link Emigrants Coming To The Land of Promise
Web Link Italian Immigrant Family at Ellis Island

Sub Section: New York City Photos -Early 1900's and Later.
Web Link Historical photos of Chinatown and Surrounding Area In the Early 20th Century
Web Link Italian Neighborhood Mulberry Street  1900-1910
Web Link Family in Attic Home with Drying Laundry  1900-1910
Web Link: Ruins of the Red Hook Grain Terminal Brooklyn, N.Y.
Web Link: The Boatyard Ruins, Photographer: Shaun Oboyle
Web Link: Sea View Hospital Ruins, Photographer: Shaun Oboyle, A photographic tour of the ruins of the historic Staten Island hospital (listed here as hospital X).
Web Link: Forgotten New York
Web Link: The Triangle Factory Fire Photo Gallery
Web Link: Images From New York Album 1883
Web Link: Old Staten Island, Borough of Richmond (Photos)    
Web Link: Brooklyn Tenement Interior 1934
Web Link: Child Labor-Smoking (picture) Boys work 7:am to 6:pm
Web Link: 1913 Tenement Room
Web Link: Tenement Bedroom 1937

Sub Section: Pictures of Early Tenement Living in New York City, Photographer: Lewis W. Hine: George Eastman House Collection
Web Link: Tenement Life-child bathing in Sink
Web Link: Poor Home New York City Tenement
Web Link: Child Labor At Home
Web Link: New York Tenement Family Gets Fresh Air On a Hot Day, 1910
Web Link: Newsboys in the early 1900s
Web Link: Street Play in the Early Days of New York City-1910
Web Link: Boys With Wagons of Scrap Wood
Web Link: Boy Carrying Home Work From New York  Sweatshops
Web Link: Child Labor in Tenement Building
Web Link: Negro Family, Tenement Living Photo
Web Link: Italian Family Making Artificial Flowers in Tenement Building
Web Link: Firewood-East Side New York 1912
Web Link: Women Rag Pickers-1915
Web Link: Tenement Street Scene-1910
Web Link: Kitchen in a Cold Water Flat Tenement
Web Link: New York Home Work in Tenement
Web Link: New York Homework Family 1906


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