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"Diseases and Epidemics"

Article Name: Epidemics in New York: Diseases From which NYC Suffered In its Early Days       Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Yellow Fever At Staten Island: 22 Cases Reported 1858                                         Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Causes of Typhoid Fever 1880                                                                                  Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Typhoid Disease which Has Prevailed in Certain Parts of Brooklyn 1885                 Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Typhus Fever A Disease Which Has Prevailed in Certain Parts of Brooklyn 1885    Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Yellow Jack 1885                                                                                                       Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Diseases, Epidemics in New York City Tid-Bits                                                          Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: The Old Typhoid Bucket That Hung in the Well 1901                                                  Posted 1/20/07
Web Link: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918
Web Link: 1918 Influenza Timeline
  The Influenza Epidemic and How We Tried To Control It
Web Link: Influenza Vignettes by Mary E. Westphal
Web Link: Glossary of Diseases
Web Link: 19th Century Diseases
Web Link: The Bad Bug Book
Web Link: Infectious Diseases In History (A guide to their causes and effects)
Web Link: Cholera Epidemics in Buffalo, NY.
Web Link:
Web Link:
Web Link: Archaic Medical Terms (A resource for genealogists and historians)
Web Link: Gentle Hands: Fear of Polio Grips The Nation
Web Link: Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1798 in New York
Web Link:
Web Link: Typhoid Mary: Villain or Victim?
Web Link: Portrait of An Unhealthy City: New York In The 1800s
Web Link: 1892 Cholera Panic Islip Officials & Townspeople try to Stop A Quarantine of Ship Passengers on Fire Island
Web Link: Epidemics:  In case you wondered why ancestors disappeared during a certain period in History
Web Link: Small Pox:  A Great and Terrible Scourge
Web Link: The Discourse of Disease: "Patient Writesa' at the "University of Tuberculosis


" Children's Diseases"

Web Link: Sore Throat (Pharyngitis)
Web Link: Strep Throat
Web Link: Whooping Cough
Web Link: Croup Symptoms and Treatments
Web Link: Pinworm Infection
Web Link: Pneumonia
Web Link: Rubella
Web Link: Diphtheria
Web Link: Smallpox
Web Link: Chickenpox
Web Link: Mumps


"Breeding Grounds for Diseases and Epidemics"

Sub Section: Tenement Living, Dumping Grounds and Institutions

Article Name: Children Put In Peril
Article Name: The Health Department: Condition of the Five Points 1873                                       Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Starved and Neglected: Child Abuse                                                                        Posted 1/21/07
Article Name: The City's Health: A Crowded, Vicious and Unhealthy Place 1869                          Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Sanitary Sketches of the Hotbed of Diseases 1873                                                 Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Menace to Brooklyn Health 1893                                                                              Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Asylums: Fountains of Disease 1870                                                                       Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Child Death Rate In Brooklyn: The Highest in Any City 1900                                    Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: City Lots A Dumping Ground 1901
Article Name: Awful Smells That Arise From the 28th Street Dumps 1890                                    Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Barren Island, The Place of Awful Stenches 1877
Article Name: Malaria in the Dirt Piles 1901                                                                                     Posted 1/20/07
Web Link: The Foreign Immigrant in New York City Part I
Web Link: The Foreign Immigrant in New York City Part II
Web Link: The Children: Orphan Trains (Over a 150,000 orphan and street children immigrated from New York slums to Midwestern farms in an effort that extended from 1854 to 1929. )
Web Link: Italian Immigrants in New York in the 1890s
Web Link: Talking Trash by Kevin Baker
Web Link:

Poor Home New York City Tenement

Web Link:

Women Rag Pickers

Web Link:

Negro Family Living in Tenement

Web Link:

An Alley Strewn with Bottles and Trash 1889

Web Link:

Jersey Street Tenements

Web Link:

The Home of An Italian Rag picker

Web Link:

Lodgers in a crowded tenement house

Web Link:

Under the dump, Rivington Street 1890

Web Link:

The Man Slept in this Cellar for Four Years, about 1890

Sub Section: Water and Sewerage

Article Name: Condition of the Water Supply In NYC: 1892                                              Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Drinking Water and Disease 1881                                                              Posted 1/21/07
Article Name: The City's Odorous Water 1896                                                                 Posted 1/21/07
Article Name: Contaminated Water 1897
Web Link: Contaminated Water Makes a Deadly Drink

Sub Section: Animals and Slaughter Houses

Article Name: City Slaughter-Houses: Their Filthy Condition 1866                                                Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Sick Horses 1880                                                                                                    Posted 1/20/07
Web Link: Pigs Roam Wall Street-1840

Sub Section: Dirty Streets

Article Name: Sanitary Condition of the City 1856                                                                          Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Shocking Sanitary Condition of New York City's Dirty Streets 1871                       Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Filthy condition of NYC streets from the central Park to the Battery: 1877             Posted 1/20/07


"Control and Prevention"

Sub Section: Quarantine

Article Name: Opposition to Quarantine 1857                                                                                             Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Opposition to the New Quarantine Location 1857                                                                Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: The Troubles at Quarantine 1857                                                                                         Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Disease and Arrests at Quarantine 1857                                                                             Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Proposal to Stop the Staten Island Ferries From Stopping at Quarantine Landing 1858      Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Quarantining Small-Pox 1858                                                                                                Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: A Desolate Burial Spot:"Old Quarantine Burying-ground." 1882                                          Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Quarantine Matters: A Visit To Seguine's Point
Article Name: Quarantine in History 1888                                                                                                   Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Fire Island Bought For the Use of the Quarantined Cabin Passengers 1892                       Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Quarantined and Hungry: Is the Health Department Larder Empty? 1893                            Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Hoffman Island 1896                                                                                                             Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Quarantine: An Effective Measure In The Control of Contagious Diseases                         Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: The Staten Island Riot: The Quarantine Conflagration September 2, 1858                           Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: The Staten Island Riot: The Quarantine War September 3, 1858                                         Posted 1/20/07
Web Link: History of Quarantine
Web Link: The Changing Faces of Quarantine
Web Link: TB Control in New York City: A Recent History
Web Link: National Jewish: The 100-Year War Against TB
Web Link: The Model TB Prevention and Control Centers: History and Purpose
Web Link: Managed Care and TB Control-A New Era
Web Link: Infection Control Issues

Sub Section: Public Health Issues

Article Name: Cholera: Timely Precautionary Measures Being Taken 1885                                Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: The Public Health: How To Avert A Plague 1857                                                  Posted 1/20/07
Web Link: Public Health Practices in the Colonial and Federalist Periods
Web Link: The Birth of Public Health In New York City by David Rosner
Web Link: Department of Public Health Nursing (re influenza epidemic1918)
Web Link: Public Health Milestones
Web Link: Improving Children's Health: A Brief History
Web Link: City Planning and Public Health
Web Link: Symposium: Accomplishments in Child Nutrition during the 20th Century
Web Link: Apostles of Cleanliness (The 19th Century Sanitary Movement)

Sub Section: Immunization, Vaccination and Inoculation

Web Link: Definitions of Terms Related To Immunization
Web Link: History of the Vaccination Needle
Web Link: Vaccine Preventable Childhood Diseases
Web Link: Evolution of Vaccines
Web Link: How Do Vaccines Work and How Are They Important?
Web Link: What Would Happen If We Stopped Vaccinations?
Web Link: Why Vaccines Don't Work as Advertised
Web Link: Vaccinations, Natural Immunity and Patient Rights

Sub Section: The Milk Issue

Web Link: How Raw Milk Got A Bad Rap by Nina Planck
Web Link: Pasteurize or Certify: Two Solutions to "The Milk Problem
Web Link: The Milk Paradox

Sub Section: Home Sanitation:

Article Name: Danger From Poor Plumbing  1899                                                 Posted 1/20/07
Web Link: "The insidious foe"-sewer gas

Sub Section: New York City Sanitation Efforts: Water, Waste, Street Cleaning and Public Baths

Article Name: Street Sprinkling an Absolute Necessity For Public Health 1893               Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Keeping  New York City Clean                                                                   Posted 1/20/07
Web Link: Sanitary Conditions of the City 1865
Web Link: The Water Supply of New York City
Web Link: Colonel George E. Waring Appointed Commissioner of Street Cleaning (Water and Waste)
Article Name: Extracts From The General Description of the Line of the Croton Aqueduct 1852: Part I             Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Extracts From The General Description of the Line of the Croton Aqueduct 1852: Part II            Posted 1/20/07
Article Name: Extracts From The General Description of the Line of the Croton Aqueduct 1852: Part III           Posted 1/20/07
Web Link: Washing "The Great Unwashed" Public Baths in Urban America 1840-1920

Sub-Section: Medical and Pharmaceutical Achievements

Web Link: The Pharmaceutical Century: Ten Decades of Drug Discovery 1800s to 1919
Web Link: The Pharmaceutical Century: Ten Decades of Drug Discovery 1920s & 1930s
Web Link: The Pharmaceutical Century: Ten Decades of Drug Discovery 1940s
Web Link: The Pharmaceutical Century: Ten Decades of Drug Discovery 1950s
Web Link: 1881 - Louis Pasteur develops an anthrax vaccine
Web Link: 1882 - Louis Pasteur develops a rabies vaccine
Web Link: Dr. Anna Wessels Williams 1800s (She reseqrched the spread of infectious diseases then sought ways to protect people and lower the rates of infection.)
Web Link: Milestones in U.S. Food and Drug Law History
Web Link: Sara Josephine Baker: Physician & Public Health Worker 1873-1945
Web Link: Charles F. Chandler (His work with NYC's Metropolitan Board of Health between 1867 and 1883 provided a model for Health and environmental laws and regulatory agencies nationwide.)
Web Link: Ellen Swallow Richards: A prominent female American Chemist and pioneer in sanitary engineering in the 19th Century)
Web Link: Jonas Salk 1914-1995 (Polio Vaccine)
Web Link: Alice Hamilton:  (1869-1870) Founder of industrial toxicology in the United States.
Web Link: Howard Florey and Ernst Chain
Web Link: Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin
Web Link: Antibiotics in Action: Gallons of Prevention
Web Link: History of Aspirin
Web Link: History of Antiseptics History of Antiseptics
Web Link: Hypodermic Needle-Syringe Needle
Web Link: History of the Iron Lung-Respirator
Web Link: Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI
Web Link: The History of Penicillin
Web Link: Elizabeth Blackwell, America's First Woman M.D.
Web Link: Dr. Clemence Sophia Harned Lozier
Web Link: Pioneering Women Otolaryngologists
Web Link: Phlebotomy: The Ancient Art of Bloodletting
Web Link: Some Curious Colonial Remedies
Web Link: Lydia Pinkham's Patent Medicine For Female Complaints 1875
Web Link: History of Dialysis
Web Link: History of the Preparation of Medicines
Web Link: George Hitchings
Web Link: Felix Hoffman
Web Link: Alexander Fleming
Web Link: Elizabeth Hazen and Rachel Fuller Brown

Sub-Section: Quackery: The Bogus Medical Cure

Web Link: American Medical Quackery From The 1700's to Today
Web Link: Quackery: How Should it Be Defined? by Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Web Link: Vulnerability to Quackery by Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Web Link: Why Quackery Persists by James Harvey Young, PH.D.
Web Link: Ten Ways To Avoid Being Quacked by Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Web Link: The Medical Messiahs: A Social History of Health Quackery in Twentieth Century America; The Lawless Centuries by James Harvey Young, .P.H.D.


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