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Sub Section: General Fashion Information
Web Link: The History of Clothing
Web Link: Theories of Fashion
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Web Link The Birth of Ready-To-Wear Fashion
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19th Century Fashion and the Sewing Machine                       
Web Link 1861 Godey Fashion
Web Link Pauline Cushman
Web Link Vintage Images 1800's
Web Link 1874 Bustled Dinner Gown
Web Link Victorian Collars
Web Link Corsets from Lord & Taylor
Web Link Corset Advertisements from 1900-1914
Web Link Mother's vanity
Web Link Victorian and Edwardian photographs of well dressed ladies
Web Link Fashions in the 1830s and '40s
Web Link Fashion in the 1850s and '60s
Web Link Fashion in the 1870s and '80s
Web Link 1878 Ball & Bridal Dresses
Web Link New York Fashions Spring Skirts and Tailored Costumes 1892
Web Link Garden Hat, Hoods & Gloves
Web Link A young lady's portrait
Web Link 1888 Portrait
Web Link 1885 Portrait
Web Link 19th Century Fashions
Web Link Mid-late Victorian Fashion
Web Link 1894/1896 Walking Suit
Web Link Fashions of Long Ago: The Victorian Woman
Web Link History of Hair Jewelry in Victorian America
Web Link Ladies Bonnets: 1850's-1860's
Web Link Is a Hat A Frivolous Accessory Or A Necessity?
Web Link The History of the Bathing Suit
Web Link Dressing Baby-1850s style
Web Link Historical Boy's Clothing
Web Link Children's Fashion, Pre-1900
Web Link "Clothing For Girls," by G. M. J., reminds us that a sense of style could overcome good sense in any century. 1853
Web Link Men's Fashions, Late 1800s
Web Link Men's Collars and Cuffs 1897 Sears Catalogue
Web Link American Gentlemen's Attire 1860-1900
Web Link History of the Tuxedo
Web Link Men's Colognes Have Grown Up and So Has The Way They Sell The Smell     
Web Link
Web Link
Web Link 1895 Wedding Gown
Web Link Fashion History-Early 19th Century Regency and Romantic Styles for Women
Web Link Women and Fashions of the Victorian Era: From Hoop Skirts to Bustles 1837-1900

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Sub Section: Women's Wear
Article Name: A New Bicycle Skirt 1893
Article Name: Fashionable shopping
Article Name: Costly thy habit
Article Name: Dressing for Driving
Article Name: Incongruities of Dress
Article Name: Variety in Frocks 1905
Article Name: Gowns Seen At the Newport Casino 1901






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