Chronological Order of Chief Events in the Consolidation Movement 1890-1893


May 3, 1890

Bill to create a commission to inquire into and report upon the expedience of the Consolidation of new York, Brooklyn and parts of Westchester, Richmond, Kings and Queens Counties had passed both houses and gone to the Governor. it was approved. Commission consisted of Andrew H. Green, president; J.S.T. Stranahan, vice president; Frederick W. Devoe, John L. Hamilton, J. Seaver Page of New York, Edward F. Linton, William D. Veeder of Brooklyn, John H. Brinkerhoff of Queens County, George C. Greenfield of Richmond County, Charles P. McClelland of Westchester County and Campbell W. Adams, State Engineer and Su8rveyor, ex-officio. The secretary was Albert E. Henschel. The sum of $5,000 was appropriated for expenses and the commission was instructed to report to the next legislature.

June 4, 1890

First meeting of commission.

September 30, 1890

Second meeting of the commission. Maps were inspected. All the commission present were in favor of union.

December 11, 1890

The commission, on Mr. Stranahan's motion, directed a bill to be drawn, authorizing consolidation, to be presented to the next Legislature.

January 18, 1892

Copy of bill providing for a plan of consolidation, drawn by Chairman Green, presented to the commission. The bill provided that the commission should report their recommendations to the Legislature and directed it to prepare a bill providing for the submission of the question to the votes of the people of the territory in question. It appropriated $25,000 for expenses.

January 23, 1892

Resolutions favoring consolidation were passed by the Real Estate Exchange.

March 3, 1892

Consolidation bill in the Legislature.

March 15, 1892

Bill laid on the table in the Assembly by a vote of 54 to 45.

October 6, 1892

Meeting of commission. A communication was read expressing regret that the Legislature had not enacted a consolidation law. it was signed by A.E. Orr, J.G. Jenkins, George L. Fox, Moses May, George W. Chauncey, S. B. Dutcher, E.F. Christenson, Jere Johnson, jr.; H.W. Slocum, Joseph C. Hendrix, and M.H. Hazzard. A speech in favor of consolidation was made by E.C. Graves, who was introduced as a representative Brooklyn man. President Green was authorized on motion of Mr. Stranahan to prepare a bill to present to the legislature providing for submission of the question of consolidation to the voters affected.

December 8, 1892

Public meeting of the commission at the Brooklyn Real Estate Exchange. Speeches in favor of consolidation by William J. Gaynor, Asa W. Tenney and others.

December 16, 1892

Meeting of executive committee of Consolidation League at Real Estate Exchange. Committee on permanent organization appointed.

January 12, 1893

Meeting of commission. Draft of bill prepared by President Green read directing consolidation to be submitted to vote at the following election.

January 25, 1893

Bill for submission of consolidation question to the voters and directing the commission to submit bills for consolidation presented in the State Senate by Senator Aspinall.

March 7, 1893

Meeting of Consolidation League to arrange for attending the hearing on the bill at Albany.

March 9, 1893

Hearing before the joint committees at Albany. Speeches by William J. Gaynor and James Matthews for consolidation and by Senator P.H. McCarren against it.

April 5, 1893

Adverse report of Senate Committee on consolidation bill unanimous.

April 11, 1893

Meeting of commission. Resume of work read by President Green. Speeches, desiring that the project of consolidation should be pushed.

October 24, 1893

Candidates for Senate and Assembly declare their views in reply to Consolidation League's circular.

December 12, 1893

Meeting of commission. President Green's bill with the section authorizing the commission to draw a charter in case of a majority vote for consolidation, and that providing for a $25,000 appropriation for the commission's expense cut out, was adopted.

December 23, 1893

Consolidation League approves a proposed bill for consolidation of only New York and Brooklyn.


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Article Name: Chronological Order of Chief Events in the Consolidation Movement 1890-1893
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