City Affairs 1665 to 1672 After The Capture by The English


Organization of the Court under the English Town Sergeants Claes Van Elsland and Pieter Schabank continued in office.

Secretary Johannes Nevius continued in office Salary two hundred guilders Sewant currency.

Constable Hendrick Obe elected.

Resolution to repair the Church Yard, now lying very open.

Office of City Treasurer abolished.

Tax for the support of the English Soldiers to be raised weekly from the inhabitants.

The City Court Records to be kept in English and Dutch by Nicholas Bayard Clerk.

Regulations of Beer porters established.

A Riot occurred at the Bridge between Dutch inhabitants and English Soldiers (the particulars of which are given hereafter).

The West India Company's effects confiscated by proclamation (June).

Porters and Carriers fees settled.

Jurors first sit in trying causes in the Courts of New York.

The fortifications proposed to be repaired Proceedings at a public meeting of citizens respecting the repair of the fortifications. The Mayor explained the proposition adding that it was not intended to make the inhabitants fight against their own nation. Some of the people thought the place was strong enough No final conclusion was come to.

A City Watch of six citizens established.

Schoolmaster Evert Pieterson petitions for a stated Salary.

Three Fire wardens appointed.

The English Governor proposed that eighty of his Soldiers be quartered on the inhabitants for want of sufficient lodging in the Fort.

Cartmen ordered not to stand on their Carts while driving.

Butchers petition for increase of fees for slaughtering.

Watchmen, each ordered to bring with him his lanthorn and a stick of firewood.


A woman being proved to be of dissolute life was banished from the city.

Inspectors to examine the weight of bread sold by bakers.

Bread not to be retailed at Indian plantations.

Bread and cakes not to be sold in the streets but only in the shops.

Excise on Cider established.

Ministers Salary :Names of persons who for one year longer have voluntarily promised to pay towards the maintenance of a minister.

Abel Hardenbrook 8 Florins in beavers
Coenraet Ten Eyck 12 Florins in beavers
Christoftel Hoagland 13 Florins in beavers
Evert Duyching 5 Florins in beavers
Frerick Philipsen 24 Florins in beavers
Frerick Gysbersen 12 Florins in beavers
Francois Kombouts 10 Florins in beavers
Johannes De Peyster 16 Florins in beavers
Cornells Steenwyck 28 Florins in beavers
Isaac Bedlow 12 Florins in beavers
Jaques Cosseau 12 Florins in beavers
Mettle Wessels 8 Florins in beavers
Nicholas Meyer 24 Florins in beavers
Nicolaes Backer 8 Florins in beavers
Paulus Lendersen as before
Picter Alricks 10 Florins in beavers
Johannes DeWit as before
Jacob Leygler 12 Florins in beavers
Thomas Hall 10 Florins in beavers
Thomas Lewis 8 Florins in beavers
Simon Romeyn as before
Jacob H Varrevanger 8 Florins in beavers
Rynier Vanderhoef 8 Florins in beavers
Warnaer Wessels 12 Florins in beavers
William Abramsen 8 Florins in beavers

Eight Cartmen allowed in the city.


The present Mayor & Aldermen continued in offices until 24 July next.

Fees of Cartmen 10 stuyvers (20 cents) each load.

Repairing the Bridge. Ships to pay a proportion of the Expense.

Ferry at Harlem leased to Johannes Vervcelen for five years.

The Court Sergeant Clacs Van Elslant one of the old dutch citizens dismissed from office and an Englishman Harry Nuton appointed.

Preachers Salary, arrears to be collected.

Cartmen petition to be allowed to ride on their carts, allowed on condition that they shall not drive rapidly and in case they hurt any person their horse and cart to be forfeited If any person be killed by them that the life of the Cartman shall be " under the lapse of the law " They shall furthermore be bound to keep in repair the streets and highways of the City."


Two militia companies organized on occasion of the departure of Col Richard Nichols.

Soldiers pay ordered to be collected from the Citizens.

Currency. The City auctioneer complains that his fees will not pay him for the time lost in counting the wampum currency in which they are paid.

Day of Fasting appointed by Gov. Lovelace on taking the government.

Fire ladders to be procured.

Ordinance against erecting hog pens and privies in the streets.

Harlem. Officers appointed for.

The Ferry at Harlem removed to " the Wedding Place " and the Ferryman allowed to keep it without rent.

Commonage of Cattle on the City lands allowed to all actual residents.


A silver mace and seven gowns presented with an autograph letter from his Royal Highness the Duke of York to the Mayor and Aldermen.

The Governor announces his intention to build a tavern for the improvement of the City, on the opposite side of the lane adjacent to the City Hall on condition that he may have a door to go from the upper part of the house into the Court Chamber which was agreed to on the part of the City.

Branders of Cattle, their fees settled.

The overseers of streets have a master Carpenter appointed to assist them.

Minister. Proposal to send to Holland for an able one.


Slaves. Price of an able negro boy 930 florins sewant (about $100 of present currency).

The corner "waal" or wharf facing of the River shore to be constructed opposite " the house of Long Mary ."

The carriage road between this City and Harlem ordered to be laid out anew and a good wagon path to be constructed.

The roof of the Church in the Fort renewed.

All who have failed to pave the streets before their premises ordered to proceed with it .

The ordinance against stealing boats and canoes renewed.


English weights and measures only allowed to be used.

The Slyck Steegh or Dirty Lane (now Marketfield street), ordered to be paved with stone.

A foot path facing the river shore ordered to be paved .

The great Moat in Broad street ordered to be made up.


The members of the Court of Magistrates contributed 1000 guilders towards repairing the fort, and were renominated for their offices.


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Article Name: City Affairs 1665 to 1672 After The Capture by The English
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BIBLIOGRAPHY: From My Collection of Books; Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York Joseph Shannon 1869
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