The Colony Club's Full List of Members in Its First Year

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The Colony Club, the initial club for women in New York, with a real clubhouse, has completed its first year with more success than its most ardent adherents predicted for it. The clubhouse, in Madison Avenue, near thirtieth Street, is now used by some of the smartest women in society. To begin its second year the club has got out a year book with a roster of its membership. There are fifty professional women in the list. Also, there are two honorary members, Mrs. Stanford White and Mrs. Charles T. Barney. The late Stanford White designed the club house, and its interior decorations were provided by Miss Elsie De Wolfe.

The Advisory Committee is composed of J. Pierpont Morgan, Frank L. Polk, and Richard H. Williams, Thomas B. Clarke, Jr., is Assistant-Treasurer. The officers are: President-Mrs. J. Borden Harriman: First Vice President- Mrs. Richard Irvin: Second Vice President-Mrs. John Jacob Astor; Secretary-Mrs. Francis Higginson Cabot, and Treasurer-Miss Anne Morgan. The Board of Governors consists of Mrs. Heber Reginald Bishop, Mrs. Thomas Hastings, Miss Elizabeth Marbury, Miss Florence M. Rhett, and Miss Dorothy Whitney, (till 1909) Miss Kate Brice, Mrs. Walter Damrosch, Miss Anne Morgan, Mrs. H. Fairfield Osborn, and Mrs. Egerton L. Winthrop, Jr., (till 1910) Mrs. Archibald S. Alexander, Mrs. John Jacob Astor, Mrs. J. Borden Harriman, Mrs. Richard Irvin, and Miss Mary Parsons, (till 1911) Mrs. Francis Higginson Cabot, Mrs. John E. Cowdin, Miss Caroline De Forest, Mrs. Walter Maynard, and Mrs. Payne Whitney, (till 1912).

The committees are: House-Miss Elizabeth Marbury, (Chairman,) Miss Anne Morgan, Miss Mary Parsons, Mrs. Harry T. Peter, and Mrs. Lion Gardiner: Finance-Mrs. Heber Reginald Bishop, (Chairman) Mrs. Archibald  S. Alexander, and Mrs. George Hope Mairs: Literature and Art-Mrs. Walter Maynard, (Chairman.) Miss Mary Harriman, Mrs. George C. Riggs, Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney, and Mrs. Egerton L. Winthrop, Jr; Athletics-Miss Florence M. Rhett, (Chairman) Mrs. John E. Cowdin, and Mrs. Daniel W. Evans.

Here is the complete roster of the members:

Resident Members:


Abbe, Mrs. Robert
Adams, Mrs. Edw. D. 
Adams, Mrs. Frederick B.
Adams, Miss Maude
Aldrich, Mrs. James H.
Aldrich, Miss Mary L.
Aldrich, Mrs. Richard
Alexander, Mrs. Archibald
Alexander, Mrs. Archibald S.
Alexander, Mrs. Charles B.
Alexander, Mrs. Henry A.
Alexander, Mrs. Walter
Allien, Mrs. Frederick
Anderson, Mrs. Ellery O.
Anderton, Mrs. Wm. B.
Appleton, Mrs. Francis R.
Appleton, Mrs. Alvina
Appleton, Miss Mary
Archbald, Mrs. John F. 
Astor, Mrs. John J.
Auchincloss, Mrs. Hugh D.
Auerbach, Mrs. Joseph S.
Avery, Mrs. Frank M.
Aymar, Mrs. Jose


Bacon, Mrs. Daniel
Bacon, Mrs. F. McNell, Jr.
Bacon, Mrs. Gorham
Bacon, Mrs. Robert
Bacon, Mrs. Walter R.
Baker, Mrs. George F.
Baker, Mrs. Wendell
Bangs, Mrs. Francis S.
Banks, Miss L. P.
Barger, Mrs. Milton S.
Barnes, Miss Cora F.
Barnes, Miss Sarah P.
Barney, Mrs. J. Stewart
Barrymore, Miss Ethel
Bartlett, Mrs. Franklin
Batcheller, Mrs. Adams.
Beaman, Miss Margaret
Beard, Mrs. Anson McCook
Beaston, Miss Anne
Beatty, Mrs. A. Chester
Beckwith, Mrs. Carroll
Beeckman, Mrs. R. Livingston
Bell, Mrs. Edward
Bell, Mrs. E. Hamilton
Belmont, Mrs. Oliver H. P.
Belt, Mrs. Henry
Bend, Miss Beatrice
Bend, Mrs. George H.
Benjamin, Mrs. W. Evarts
Benkard, Mrs. Harry H.
Benkard, Mrs. James
Berry, Mrs. John K.
Bertron, Mrs. Samuel Reading
Berwind, Mrs. Edw. J.
Bettle, Mrs. Samuel
Bigelow, Miss Grace
Bigelow, Mrs. Lewis S.
Billings, Miss Elizabeth
Bishop, Mrs. Francis C.
Bishop, Mrs. Heber R.
Bitter, Mrs. Karl
Blair, Mrs. C. Ledyard
Blair, Mrs. James A.
Blashfield, Mrs. C.H.
Bliss, Miss Catherine A.
Bliss, Mrs. George T.
Bliss, Miss Susan D.
Bliss, Mrs. Walter P.
Bliss, Mrs. William H.
Blodgett, Miss Eleanor
Blodgett, Mrs. Wm. T.
Bloodgood, Mrs. H.K.
Bolssevain, Mrs. G. Louis
Bonner, Mrs. Paul Russell
Borland, Miss Maud R.
Borrowe, Mrs. Hallett Alsop
Brice, Miss Helen O.
Brice, Miss Kate
Brockle, Mrs. William
Broughton, Mrs. Urban H.
Brown,Mrs. Carroll
Brown, Mrs. Chas. S.
Brown, Mrs. Martha B.
Brown, Mrs. Vernon C.
Browne, Mrs. G. Morgan
Bryce, Miss Cornellia E.
Bryce, Mrs. Lloyd
Bull, Mrs. Frederic
Bull, Mrs. Henry W. 
Bull, Mrs. Robert Maclay
Bull, Mrs. Wm. L.
Bull, Mrs. Wm. T.
Burden, Mrs. James A. Jr.
Burden, Mrs. Henry
Burden, Mrs. Williams F.
Burr, Mrs. Winthrop
Bush, Mrs. D. Fairfax
Butler, Mrs. Prescott Hall
Byrne, Mrs. James


Cabot, Mrs. Francis Higginson
Caldwell, Miss Rebecca A.
Callender, Miss Mary R.
Cameron, Miss Catherine N.
Cammann, Mrs. Henry Lorillard
Campbell, Mrs. John
Carey, Mrs. Frederic Foster
Carhart, Mrs. Amory Sibley
Cary, Miss Kate
Chambers, Mrs. Robert W.
Chapin, Mrs. Chas. M.
Chapin, Mrs. Lindley Hoffman
Chase, Mrs. Geo H.
Chauncey, Mrs. Elihu
Cheever, Miss Gertrude G.
Cheney, Miss Anne W.
Cheney, Miss Louise
Chickering, Mrs. John J.
Childs, Miss Augusta D.
Chisolm, Mrs. Benj. O.
Chisolm, Mrs. Edward De Clifford
Chisolm, Mrs. Hugh J.
Choate, Miss Mabel
Clark, Miss Edith G.
Clark, Mrs. G. Crawford
Clark, Mrs. J. Francis A.
Clark, Mrs. Philip A.
Clarke, Mrs. Thos. B.
Clarke, Miss Anna M.
Clews, Mrs. Henry
Cockcroft, Mrs. Edw.T.
Cockcroft, Miss Elizabeth V.
Cockran, Mrs. W. Bourke
Codman, Mrs. Ogden
Coe, Mrs. Henry C.
Colby, Mrs. Everett
Collier, Mrs. Price
Collier, Mrs. Robert J.
Cooper, Mrs. Chas. W.
Coppell, Mrs. Arthur
Coppell, Mrs. Herbert
Corbin, Mrs. John
Cottenet, Miss Fanny M.
Cowdin, Miss Ethel
Cowdin, Mrs. John E.
Cram, Mrs. J. Sargeant
Cravath, Mrs. Paul D.
Cromwell, Mrs. Seymour L. 
Crosby, Miss Eleanor
Crothers, Miss Rachel
Cutting, Mrs. Wm. B.
Cuyler, Mrs. Cornelius C.
Cuyler, Miss Eleanor De Graff


Dimock, Mrs. Henry F.
Dodge, Mrs. Arthur M.
Dodge, Mrs. M. Hartley
Dodge, Mrs. Marshall J.
Dodge, Mrs. Wm. E.
Douglas, Miss E.S.
Douglas, Mrs. Wm. P.
Draper, Mrs. Wm. H.
Drexel, Mrs. John R.
Dun, Mrs. Robert G.
Duncan, Mrs. Wm. B. Jr.
Dunham, Mrs. Carroll
Dunham, Mrs. Edw. K.
Dunham, Miss Helen
Dunne, Mrs. Finley P.
Duryea, Mrs. Harry H.
Duryea, Mrs. Herman B.
Duval, Mrs. H. Rieman
Dyer, Mrs. E. Tiffany


Edgar, Mrs. J. Clifton
Edgar, Mrs. Newbold Le Roy
Edwards, Miss Dorothy P.
Edwards, Mrs. J. Pierrepont
Eldridge, Mrs. Frederick L.
Elliman, Mrs. Douglas L.
Elliman, Mrs. Lawrence B.
Ellis, Mrs. Ralph N.
Ellsworth, Miss Clare
Ellsworth, Mrs. Duncan Stewart
Ellsworth, Mrs. James W.
Ellsworth, Mrs. John Magee
Ely, Mrs. Alfred
Emerson, Mrs. W.K. Bond
Emery, Mrs. John J.
Emmet, Mrs. C. Temple
Emmet, Mrs. Devereux
Emmet, Mrs. John Duncan
Eno, Miss Mary Pinchot
Eno, Mrs. Harry Lana
Evans, Mrs. Cadwalader
Evans, Mrs. Daniel W.
Ewing, Mrs. Thomas, Jr.


Fabbri, Mrs. Ernesto G.
Fahnestock, Mrs. Gibson
Fahnestock, Mrs. William
Fanshawe, Mrs. William B.
Fanshawe, Miss Jessie J.
Fairchild, Mrs. Chas. S.
Farquhar, Mrs. Wm. J.
Fellowes, Miss Caroline W.
Finch, Mrs. James W.
Fish, Mrs. Stuyvesant
Fisher, Mrs. H. J.
Ford, Mrs. H. Ward
Fox, Miss Alice
Fox, Mrs. Austin G.
Francklyn, Mrs. Chas. G.
Fraser, Mrs. Geo. G.
Freeman, Miss Gertrude A.
French, Mrs. John.
French, Mrs. S. Barton
Frevert, Mrs. H.F. 
Fulton, Mrs. E.M., Jr.
Furniss, Miss Clementina


Gade, Mrs. John Allyne
Gallatin, Mrs. Frederic, Jr.
Gamrbill, Mrs. Richard
Gardiner, Mrs. Lion
Garrard, Miss Margaret H.
Gayley, Mrs. James
Geer, Mrs. Langdon
Gerard, Mrs. James Watson
Gilbert, Mrs. Clinton
Gerry, Miss Angelica L.
Gilbert, Miss Gertrude
Gilder, Miss Jeannette L.
Gilder, Mrs. Jos. B.
Godwin, Miss Nora
Goelet, Mrs. Ogden
Goodridge, Mrs. Frederic Grosvenor
Goodwin, Mrs. Jas. J.
Gould, Mrs. Geo J.
Govin, Mrs. R.R.
Graham, Mrs. Robert Dun
Grant, Miss Katharin Manice
Grant, Mrs. Peter Geddes
Grant, Mrs. Ulysses S.
Graves, Mrs. William Leon
Gray, Mrs. John C.
Green, Mrs. James O.
Green, Miss Susanne Livingston
Greenough, Mrs. John
Griswold, Mrs. Frank Gray
Griswold, Mrs. John Wood
Grosvenor, Mrs. James B.M.
Gurnee, Miss Bell B.
Gurnee, Miss Mary L.
Guthrie, Mrs. Chas. S.
Guthrie, Mrs. Wm. D.


Hackett, Miss Minnie L. 
Hadden, Mrs. John Aspinwall
Haggin, Mrs. James B.
Hall, Mrs. M. Brady
Hall, Mrs. William Augustus
Hamilton, Miss Marie V.
Hamilton, Mrs. William A.
Hamilton, Mrs. Wm. Pierson
Hammond, Mrs. Ogden H.
Hapgood, Mrs. Norman C.
Hardenbergh, Mrs. William P.
Harding, Mrs. J. Horace
Harkness, Mrs. Chas. W.
Harkness, Mrs. Ed. S.
Harkness, Mrs. Wm. L.
Harman, Mrs. Clifford Burke
Harriman, Mrs. E.H.
Harriman, Mrs. J. Arden
Harriman, Mrs. J. Borden
Harriman, Mrs. Joseph W.
Harriman, Miss Mary
Harriman, Mrs. Oliver
Harris, Mrs. Albert Hall
Harris, Mrs. K.B.
Hartshorne, Mrs.James Mott
Hastings, Mrs. Thos.
Havemeyer, Miss Electra
Havemeyer, Mrs. Fred C.
Havemeyer, Mrs. Henry O.
Haven, Mrs. Geo. C.
Henderson, Mrs. Ed. Cairns
Henning, Mrs. Jas. W.
Hewitt, Miss Eleanor G.
Hewitt, Mrs. Ed. R.
Hewitt, Mrs. Peter Cooper
Hewitt, Miss Sarah Cooper
Higginson, Mrs. J.J.
Hitchcock, Jr., Mrs. Thomas
Hedges, Mrs. Amory G.
Hoffman, Mrs. Chas E.
Hoffman, Miss Mary U.
Hooker, Mrs. Ransom Spaford
Hooper, Mrs. N. Newlin
Hopkins, Mrs. Eustis Langdon
Hoppin, Miss Frances Street
Howland, Mrs. Henry E.
Hoyt, Miss Elizabeth B.S.
Hoyt, Miss Julia M.
Hoyt, Mrs. Louis T.
Humphreys, Mrs. Ed. Walsh
Hunt, Mrs. Leigh
Huntington, Mrs. Arch
Hurst, Miss Ethel W.
Hutchinson, Miss Cary T.


Ide, Mrs. Geo. Ed.
Irvin, Mrs. Richard
Iselin, Mrs. Arthur
Iselin, Mrs. C. Oliver
Iselin, Miss Georgine
Iselin, Miss Therese
Iselin, Mrs. Wm. E.
Ives, Mrs. Brayton
Ives, Miss Winifred


Jaffray, Mrs. Reginald II
James, Mrs. Arthur Curtiss
James, Mrs. Walter B.
Jay, Mrs. Wm.
Jennings, Miss A.B.
Jennings, Mrs. Oliver Gould
Johnson, Mrs. Ralph M.
Joline, Mrs. Adrian Hoffman
Jones, Mrs. Ed. Renshaw
Jones, Mrs. Gilbert E.
Jones, Miss Jeannette C.
Jones, Miss Mabel Irving
Jones, Mrs. Pembroke


Kane, Mrs. John I.
Kane, Miss Louisa L.
Kane, Miss Sybil Kent
Keene, Mrs. Foxhall P.l
Kelly, Mrs. Jerrold D.
Kip, Mrs. Garrett B.
Knapp, Mrs. Harry K
Kountze, Mrs. Luther
Krech, Mrs. Alvin W.


Ladenburg, Mrs. Adolf
Laffan, Mrs. Wm. M.
La Montagne, Mrs. Edward
La Montagne, Miss Marie
Landstreet, Mrs. Fairfax S.
Langdon, Mrs. Woodbury
Lawrence, Mrs. Effingham
Lawrence, Miss Helen G.
Leavitt, Mrs. Jas T.
Ledyard, Mrs. Lewis Cass
Lee, Miss Sarah R.
Leeds, Mrs. Warner M.
leeds, Mrs. William Bateman
Le Roy, Miss Eleanor
Leverich, Miss Catherine S.
Leverich, Miss Margaret D.
Lindsley, Mrs. Van Sinderen
Littauer, Mrs. Wm
Livingston, Mrs. Carroll
Loew, Mrs. William Goadby
Loomis, Mrs. Henry P.
Loomis, Mrs. Horatio
Lorillard, Mrs. Pierre
Lydig, Mrs. Philip M.
Lyon, Mrs. Cecil


Macdonough, Mrs. Jos. M.
MacDuffie, Mrs. Rufus L.
Mackay, Mrs. Clarence H.
Maclay, Mrs. Robt., Jr.
Macy, Mrs. V. Everit
Magee, Mrs. John
Mairs, Mrs. Geo. Hope
Manice, Mrs. Edw. A
Mansfield, Mrs. Howard
Marbury, Miss Elizabeth
Markoe, Mrs. Francis H.
Markoe, Mrs. Jas. W.
Marquand, Mrs. Henry
Marshall, Mrs. Charles h.
Martin, Mrs. Howard Townsend
Martin, Mrs. Newell
Martin, Miss Antoinette W.
Mathews, Mrs. Edward Roscoe
Maynard, Miss Helen Louise
Maynard, Miss Mary H.
Maynard, Mrs. Walter E.
McAllister, Miss Louise Ward
McAlpin, Mrs. Charles W.
McCarter, Mrs. Thomas N.
McCready, Mrs. N.L.
McCullough, Mrs. John H.
McCurdy, Mrs. Robert H.
McKim, Mrs. Smith H.


McVickar, Mrs. Edward S.J.
Milburn, Mrs. John G.
Miller, Mrs. Chas. E.
Minturn, Mrs.
Minturn, Mrs. Robert Shaw
Mitchell, Mrs. Clarence Blair
Mitchell, Mrs. John M.
Moore, Miss Ella Louise
Moore, Miss Faith
Moore, Miss Grace
Morgan, Miss Anne
Morgan, Miss Caroline L.
Morgan, Mrs. David P.
Morgan, Mrs. John B.
Morgan, Mrs. J. Pierpont
Morgan, Mrs. J. Pierpont, Jr.
Morgan, Miss Ruth
Morgan, Miss Ursula J.
Morgan, Mrs. William Fellowes
Morris, Mrs. Alfred Hennen
Morris, Mrs. Benj. W.
Morris, Mrs. Dave Hennen
Morris, Mrs. Gouverneur
Morris, Miss Muriel
Morse, Mrs. E. Rollins
Morton, Mrs. Paul
Mosle, Mrs. A. Henry
Munn, Mrs. Henry Norcross


Neeser, Miss Elvine I.
Newton, Mrs. Francis
Nichols, Mrs. Geol. L.
Nicoll, Mrs. Benjamin
Nicoll, Mrs. De Lancey
Nicoll, Miss Elsie
Norrie, Mrs. Adam G.


Oakman, Mrs. Walter G.
Oelrichs, Mrs. Charles May
Oelrichs, Mrs. Hermann
Olin, Mrs. Stephen H.
Olyphant, Mrs. Robert
Osborn, Mrs. H. Fairfield
Osborn, Mrs. Wm. C.


Page, Mrs. Howard
Page, Miss Laura
Page, Mrs. Wm. D.
Park, Miss Maud I.
Park, Mrs. Trenor L.
Parker, Mrs. Chas. T.
Parsons, Miss Constance
Parsons, Miss Gertrude
Parsons, Mrs. Herbert
Parsons, Mrs. John E.
Parsons, Miss Mary
Paton, Mrs. Morton S.
Peabody, Mrs. Chas. A.
Pell, Mrs. Howland H.
Pell, Mrs. Stephen H.P.
Perkins, Mrs. Chas. L
Peters, Mrs. Harry L.
Peters. Mrs. Samuel T.
Phelps, Mrs. Von Rottenberg
Phipps, Miss Ada
Pinchot, Mrs. Amos R. Eno
Poor, Mrs. Henry W.
Porter, Mrs. H. Hobart
Post, Mrs. Charles A.
Post, Mrs. George B. Jr.
Post, Miss Laura J.
Potter, Mrs. Ed Clarkson
Potter, Mrs. Frank H.
Potter, Miss Grace H.
Potter, Mrs. Henry C.
Potter, Mrs. R. Burnside
Potter, Miss Sarah L.
Potts, Mrs. George H.
Potts, Mrs. Rockhill B.
Pratt, Mrs. Dallas B.P
Prentice, Mrs. John H.
Provost, Mrs. Cornelius W.
Price, Mrs. Theo H.
Prince, Mrs. John D.
Pruyn, Mrs. John V.L.
Pulitzer, Mrs. Joseph
Pulitzer, Mrs. Ralph
Pyle, Mrs. James T.
Pyne, Mrs. Percy R.
Pyne, Mrs. Moses T.

Q (no Listing)


Rainey, Mrs. Roy A.
Rainsford, Mrs. W.S.
Randolph, Mrs. Edmund
Redmond, Mrs. Geraldyn
Reese, Mrs. Wm. W.
Reid, Mrs. Jean Templeton
Reid, Mrs. Whitelaw
Reid, Miss Rhea Helen
Reynal, Mrs. Nathaniel C.
Rhett, Miss Florence M.
Rhoades, Mrs. John H.
Riggs, Mrs. Benjamin C.
Riggs, Mrs. Geo. C.
Riker, Mrs. Henry L.
Ripley, Mrs. E.H.
Ripley, Mrs. Julian A
Ripley, Mrs. Sidney D.
Robbins, Mrs. Julian W.
Robinson, Mrs. Douglas
Robinson, Mrs. Theo. D.
Robison, Mrs. William
Rockefeller, Mrs. Wm.
Rockefeller, Mrs. Wm. G.
Roe, Mrs. Charles F.
Rogers, Mrs. Henry H.
Rollins, Mrs. Philips A.
Rolston, Mrs. Louis B.
Ronals, Mrs. Reginald
Rubel, Mrs. Alexander
Ruland, Mrs. Irving
Rumrill, Mrs. James A.
Rutherford, Mrs. William W.
Ruutz-Rees, Miss Caroline
Russell, Mrs. Archibald D.
Russell, Mrs. Chas. H.


Sage, Mrs. Dean
Salisbury, Mrs. Geo. B.
Sanger, Mrs. Ralph
Satterleo, Mrs. Herber L.
Sawyer, Mrs. Philip C. 
Schermerhorn, Mrs. George J.
Schieffelin, Mrs. Schuyler
Schirmer, Mrs. Rudolph E.
Schoonmaker, Mrs. Frank L.
Schwab, Mrs. Gustav H.
Scott, Miss Louise B.
Sears, Mrs. Joseph H.
Senff, Mrs. Chas. H.
Sharswood, Miss Mary
Sharp, Mrs. Wm. G.
Shattuck, Mrs. Albert R.
Sheldon, Miss Gertrude
Sherman, Mrs. Chas. A.
Sherman, Miss Mildred
Sherman, Mrs. W. Watts
Shippen, Miss Caroline
Shippen, Miss Sofie M.
Sibley, Mrs. Hiram W.
Slade, Mrs. Prescott
Sloan, Mrs. Samuel
Smith, Mrs. Edw. L.
Smith, Mrs. J. Hopkins, Jr.
Smith, Miss M. Therese
Smith, Mrs. Walter E.C.
Sorchan, Mrs. Victor
Spedden, Mrs. Frederic O.
Speyer, Mrs. James
Spofford, Miss Adelaide T.
Stebbins, Mrs. Charles H.
Steele, Mrs. Charles
Steers, Mrs. Henry
Sterling, Mrs. Robt. D.
Stevens, Mrs. Eben
Stevens, Mrs. Jos. S.
Stevens, Mrs. Richard
Stevens, Mrs. Robt. L
Stickney, Mrs. Joseph
Stillman, Miss Charlotte R.
Stokes, Mrs. I.N. Phelps
Story, Mrs. Marion
Strong, Miss Alice E.
Strong, Mrs. Wm. E.
Sturges, Miss Mary F.
Sturgis, Mrs. Robert
Stuyvesant, Mrs. Rutherford
Sullivan, Mrs. James
Swayne, Mrs. Francis Bond
Szechenyl, Countess-Laszlo


Talmage, Mrs. Edw. T.H.
Talmage, Mrs. Thos. H.
Tapping, Mrs. Lindsley
Tarbell, Miss Ida M.
Taylor, Mrs. Wm. A.
Terry, Mrs. Wyllys
Thebaud, Mrs. Paul G.
Thomas, Mrs. Edw. R.
Thomas, Mrs. Howard L.
Thomas, Mrs. J. Metcalfe
Thompson, Mrs. Lewis S.
Thompson, Mrs. Frederick F.
Thompson, Mrs. Phillipes B.
Thorne, Mrs. Jonathan
Thorne, Mrs. Oakleigh
Thursby, Mrs. Alic
Tinker, Miss Annie R.
Tinker, Mrs. Henry C.
Tod, Mrs. J. Kennedy
Tomlinson, Mrs. John C.
Tower, Mrs. A. Clifford
Townsend, Miss Amy
Townsend, Mrs. Edw. Mitchell
Townsend, Mrs. Jas. M.
Train, Mrs. Arthur C.
Trevor, Miss Emily
Trevor, Mrs. John B.
Trimble, Mrs. Richard
Troup, Miss Agnes G.
Trowbridge, Miss L.A.
Trowbridge, Mrs. S. Brock Parkman
Tucker, Mrs. Allen
Turnbull, Mrs. Ramsay
Turnure, Mrs. Geo. E.
Turnure, Mrs. Percy R.
Tuttle, Mrs. Geo. M.
Tweed, Mrs. Chas. H.
Tweed, Miss Helen
Tweed, Miss Katharine W.
Twombly, Miss Ruth V.

U (no listing)


Valentine, Mrs. Patrick A.
Van Alen, Mrs. J. Laurence S.
Van Beuren, Mrs. Michael M.
Vanderbilt, Mrs. Alfred Gwynne
Vanderbilt, Mrs. Cornelius
Vanderbilt, Mrs. Frederick W.
Vanderbilt, Mrs. Wm. K., Jr.
Van Ingen, Mrs. Edw.
Van Ingen, Mrs. McLane
Van Nest, Mrs. Alex. T.
Van Rensselaer, Miss Mathilde
Van Sindeeren, Mrs. Howard
Van Wyck, Mrs. Richard
Villard, Mrs. Oswald G.
Violett, Mrs. Atwood
Vogel, Mrs. Herman


Wadsworth, Mrs. Clarence B.
Wadsworth, Mrs. William Austin
Wagstaff, Mrs. Alfred
Walker, Mrs. E. Robbins
Wallach, Mrs. Barger
Walsh, Mrs. Samuel A., Jr.
Warfield, Mrs. Lewis
Waterbury, Miss Gladys F.
Waterbury, Mrs. John I.
Watson, Miss Gertrude
Webb, Mrs. William Seward
Weekes, Mrs. Harold H.
Weidenfeld, Mrs. Camille
Weir, Mrs. C. Gouverneur
Wellman, Mrs. Francis Lewis
Wells, Miss Caroline
Wells, Mrs. William Storrs
Wetherill, Mrs. J. Bloomfield
White, Mrs. Loomis Lawrence
Whitman, Mrs. Harold C.
Whitney, Mrs. Arthur
Whitney, Miss Dorothy F.
Whitney, Mrs. Harry Payne
Whitney, Mrs. Payne
Whitridge, Miss Eleanor
Wickersham, Mrs. Geo. W.
Wilbour, Miss Theodora
Wilkes, Miss Alicia V.
Willard, Miss Louise B.
Willard, Miss Mary Livingston
Williams, Mrs. Richard H.
Williams, Mrs. Thos.
Wilson, Mrs. Marshall Orme
Wilson, Mrs. Richard T., Jr.
Winslow, Mrs. Francis Dana
Winslow, Mrs. Jas, N.
Winter, Mrs. Keyes,
Winthrop, Mrs. Buchanan
Winthrop, Mrs. Egerton L., Jr.
Winthrop, Miss Marie
Wood, Mrs. Arnold
Wood, Mrs. Charles Boughton
Wood, Mrs. William Benjamin
Worthington, Mrs. Julia Hedden
Wright, Mrs. Eben
Wright, Mrs. Jas. A.
Wyckoff, Mrs. Peter B.
Wysong, Mrs. John J.

Non-Resident Members

Agassiz, Mrs. Geo. R.
Allen, Mrs. Frederick H.
Ames, Mrs. F. Lothrop
Ames, Mrs. Hobart
Andrews, Miss Charlotte
Armour, Mrs. John Ogden
Barlow, Mrs. Francis C.
Beale, Mrs. H.S.B.
Benedict, Mrs. F.H.
Blacque, Mrs. Valentine A.
Blaine, Mrs. Emmons
Blow, Mrs. A.A.
Bourn, Mrs. William
Brandegee, Mrs. Edw.D.
Breese, Mrs. James L.
Brown, Mrs. Alexander
Carolan, Mrs. Francis J.
Conyngham, Miss Alice
Crocker, Mrs. W.H.
Davis, Mrs. Arthur E.
Dextor, Mrs. Philip
Dolan, Mrs. Clarence W.
Dolittle, Miss M. Isabel
Elkins, Mrs. Stephen B.
Farquhar, Mrs. Robert D.
Fassott, Mrs. J. Sloat
Field, Mrs. Marshall
Flood, Miss C.J.
Frasch, Mrs. Herman
Fullerton, Miss Mary C.M.
Gale, Miss Margaret E.
Gardner, Mrs. A.P.
Getty, Miss Alice
Goodwin, Mrs. Walter L.
Grant, Mrs. Scott
Green, Mrs. Wm. L.
Griscom, Mrs. Clement A.
Griscom, Miss Frances C.
Griscom, Mrs. Rodman E.
Grosvenor, Miss Rosa Anne
Hamill, Mrs. S.M.
Harriman, Mrs. Joseph
Harrison, Mrs. Burton
Harrison, Mrs. Fairfax
Hay, Mrs. John
Henshawe, Mrs. John Oliver
Hickox, Mrs. Ralph W.
Hitt, Mrs. Robert R.
Hegeman, Miss Annie May
Hooper, Miss Louisa C.
Horne, Mrs. Elizabeth M.
Kane, Mrs. Woodbury
Kernan, Mrs. Walter N.
Kimball, Mrs. Marcus M.
Kingsley, Mrs. Harry B.
Kittredge, Mrs. Benjamin R.
Lawrence, Mrs. Prescott
Learned, Miss Florence J.
Longworth, Mrs. Nicholas
Lowndes, Mrs. James
Mallory, Mrs. John C.
Markoe, Mrs. Harry
Mason, Miss Fannie P.
McCormick, Miss Anna
McCormick, Mrs. Mcdill
McLean, Mrs. John R.
Meyer, Mrs. George Von L.
Meyer, Miss Julia
Mott, Miss Marian
Norwood, Mrs. Carlisle
Ogle, Mrs. Ponsonby
Oothout, Mrs. William
Orr, Mrs. S. Alexander
Palmer, Mrs. Potter
Parmelee, Mrs. James
Parsons, Mrs. Herbert
Perkins, Mrs. Jas. H.
Pope, Miss Theodate
Postlethwaite, Mrs. William M.
Potter, Mrs. James B.
Rea, Mrs. Henry R.
Robinson, Mrs. E. Moore
Russell, Mrs. Robt. S.
Sage, Mrs. Harry W.
Sage, Mrs. Wm. H.
Sampson, Mrs. Robert
Schenck, Mrs. J. Frederick
Schenck, Miss Aleid
Scott, Mrs. Charles, Jr.
Sears, Miss Helen
Sears, Mrs. Joshua M.
Sedgwick, Mrs. Alexander
Slater, Mrs. Wm. A.
Spencer, Mrs. Samuel
Squire, Mrs. Andrew
Squiers, Miss Gladys F.
Squiers, Miss Helen F.
Squiers, Mrs. Herbert G
Stoddard, Mrs. Louise E.
Strong, Mrs. Chas. H.
Thayer, Mrs. Bayard.
Thomson, Miss Anne
Townsend, Miss Mathilde T.
Townsend, Mrs. Richard H.
Tuckerman, Miss Emily
Varilla, Mme. Phillipe Bunan
Wadsworth, Mrs. Jas. W., Jr.
Warder, Miss Alice
Wetmore, Miss Edith
Wetmore, Miss Maude K.
Widener, Mrs. Geo. D.
WQidener, Mrs. Jos. E.
Wilks, Miss Kate L.
Williams, Mrs. Geo. L.
Wolcott, Mrs. Edward
Wulsin, Mrs. Lucian

Website: The History
Article Name: The Colony Club's Full List of Members in its First Year
Researcher/Transcriber Miriam Medina


New York Times: April 17, 1908
Time & Date Stamp: