Newspaper Correspondence 1704-1708 Part I

On Public Matters In The City of New York
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April 17, 1704

By a Barque from Jamaica, last from Barmuda, 7 Weeks Passage, says there was an Imbargo in that Island several Months, occasioned by News they had of a design the French and Spaniards had to make a descent upon them: She came out with the Homeward bound London Fleet, who are gone home without Convoy.

Capt. Davison in the Eagle Gally, sails for London, in a Month, if the Virginia Fleet stays so long; he intends to keep them Company Home, if not to run for it, being Built for that Service.

April 24, 1704.

The Dreadnought with Col. Seymour, Governour of Maryland arrived the 10th instant. The Virginia Fleet will sail the latter end of May for London. Captain Davison from hence designs to keep them Company, if they Sayl at that time. On the 18th. arrived a sloop here from Curacoa, the 23d. a Sloop Arrived from Madera, seven weeks Passage, Joseph Wright Master. Captain Burges and Captain Davies lie ready to Sail for Virginia for Convoy Home.

May 1, 1704.

Yesterday arrived a Sloop in 7 days from Virginia, by whom advised, that the Fleet will not sail till the last instant, or first of June; and that 2 men of War are daily expected there from Lisbon to Strengthen the Convoy. Capt. Davison in the Eagle Gally hopes to Sail with them, he purposes from hence about 25 of this month. Capt. Burges and Davis Sail'd last week for Virginia, to joyn the Convoy home, and Capt. Potter designs also next week. A ship of 350 or 400 tuns, Capt. Harrison Commander, was lately burnt in Virginia having on board 460 Hogsheads, 'tis said the Gunner went Drunk to bed, and left a candle burning in his cabin, by which the ship was fired & he and 2 or 3 were burnt in her.

New York, May 8.

Yesterday from Albany by information from our Indians acquainted, that the French of Canada are sending out 300 men to attack some parts of N. England. We have very rainy, dirty, & cold weather for the season, and so continues. We hear the Virginia Fleet sails the last of this month: Capt. Davison hopes to sail this month: The Wind & Weather hinders our Pensilvania  Post coming in.

New York, May 15.

Capt. Davison designs to sail for London the latter end of this Month, via Virginia, if the Fleet be not gone: The last storm put our Pensilvania Post 2 weeks behind and is not yet com'd in.

New York, May 22.

Captain Davison, Sails next Monday for Virginia, and if the Fleet be gone he designs to follow them.

New York, June 12.

Last week arrived Capt. Feaver and Moyon from Hundaras in 2 Sloops. We hear 500 French and Indians are marched from Canada, to attaque some parts of New England. The Philadelphia Post not come in.

New York, June 19

On the 16th arrived Daniel Dunskum in a sloop from Barbadoes 22 days passage, came out in company with 35 sail, some for Boston, Rhode-Island and Philadelphia. On the 12th currant he met with the homeward bound Virginia Fleet consisting of 143 sail about 30 leagues to the eastward of Sandyhook: They sail'd from Virginia the 7th instant, and 9 leagues without the Cape they met with the two men of War, viz. The Faulkland and the Oxford who were expected as an additional Convoy. The Commodore, (Capt. Evans) ordered them to return with the Fleet without proceeding any further which they did: The merchant men promising to supply them with Water, & c. On board the Faulkland was one Mr. Vrahuart, a minister bound for this place, who had the good fortune to get a passage hither in Mr. Dunskum, but sunday other passengers on board those two men of war for Virginia, Maryland and Pensilvania are all carried back for England: They left Portsmouth the beginning of April last, and in their passage the Faulkland took two French ships, one of 24 guns and 65 men, the other of 12 guns and 25 men, both bound for Martinico, to St. Malo loaden with sugar, cocoa, indico &c. The Oxford gave chase to a third in company with these two, but could not come up with her. Mr. Vrqhuart is appointed minister of Jamaica, one Mr. Crawford a minister for Pensilvania, was on board the Oxford but carried home again.

New York, July 3

On 29 June last arrived here one Collier from Fyall in 8 weeks, letters by him from London of 29 February say, our ships bound hither would sail with the Barbados convoy, but the time of sailing was not assign'd. Our assembly is adjourn'd to the 2 day of October next.

New York, July 10.

Capt. Davison sail'd for London on Thursday last. His excellency has adjourn'd the Assembly of new Jersey to the 4th of September next. Dr. John Bridges our Chief Justice dy'd on Thursday last.New York, July 17.

On the 11th, instant Moor Darril Master, in a sloop from Curaso arriv'd here in about a months passage.His excellency has been pleased to appoint Roger Mompession Esq. Chief Justice of this province to the general satisfaction of it. A sloop Andrew Law master is put up for London.

New York, July 24.

On the 19th, his excellency sailed from hence for Albany, and carried forces with him to strengthen the frontiers, and more will follow in a few days. On the 22d, the Rev. Mr. Mott, chaplain to the forces here died. On the same day arrived James cebra in 21 days from Jamaica. On the same day Capt. Adrian Claver, commander of a Dutch privateer of 18 guns, 120 men, fitted here and sailed in the Spring, brought in two Spanish prizes a Setty and a Sloop, on board of which are 100 pipes of Canary-Brandy, 30 pipes of Palm-Wine, 900 Jarrs of Oyl, 124 Bayls of dry goods and silks. 30 slaves negroes and indians, &c. which they took upon the coast of New Spain.

Amboy, July 29.

On Wednesday last by an Express from Monmouth sent to His Excellency my Lord Cornbury, we were informed of a French privateer that lay at Sandy-hook, who the night before had landed 24 men at Neversinks, & plundered two houses; upon which news Capt. Hamilton ordered a strict watch to be kept here, to prevent a surprize; and on Thursday night several gentlemen came here, viz. Messeurs Philip French, Glencross, Gordon, Richards, & Capt. Perkins, who were passengers on board of Capt. Sinclare that came from London & were that morning about 4 a clock standing along the side of the Hook when they saw this Privateer whom they took to be an outward bouund vessel from New York. The privateer fired two shot at them, having English colours out: Capt. Sinclare endeavour'd to get from him and run his vessel on shore, but the wind prevented, a man upon shore pull'd off his shirt, and made signs that the privateer was a rogue, upon which those gentlemen got into the Boat and excap'd and took in Capt. Sinclare who was extremly ill & landed at the Highlands of Neversinks where was a strong guard, his mate staid on board with some of the seamen endeavouring to get the ship within the hook but could not, and so jumpt into the water, he & Capt. Perkin's Son, and swam on shore when within Pistol Shot of the Privateer.

New York, July 31.

On 20 currant, Simon Pasco from Antigua bound hither was taken by a French privateer of 14 guns, 120 men off the Capes of Delawar lat. 45. The Privateer belongs to Bourdeaux, unloaded at Martinico, and there fitted out; Capt. Davy is Commander, they took a Barrel of Sugar, and a Hogshead of Rum out of the sloop, her guns and arms, & then burnt her with all her loading; notwithstanding Mr. Pasco offered 300 pound for her Ransom; afterward said Privateer Chas'd Mr. Sandiford bound hither from Carolina, who got into Sandy-hook before him. On the 25. The Privateer came to an Anchor in Sandyu-hook and there took Eleazar Darby in a sloop from Boston bound to Philadlephia, next day theytook a wood boat & two slaves, and that night gave Mr. Pasco and his men their liberty, who about ten a clock got up to New York. On the 27. early in the morning the Privateer took Capt. Sinclare, so soon as Mr. Pasco came with the news, the gentlemen of her Majestic's council met and sent for Capt. Claver Commander of the Dutch privateer, and proposed to him to go out and take said Privateer, at least to retake the prize whom we judged to be Sinclare; who offered his service, and in two hours sail'd with 150 men on board his Sloop, and said day came up with the Privateer and her prize, but returned the 28th. without effecting any thing. And on the 29th. Capt. Claver man'd off new again; Capt. Evertson and Capt. Penniston in two good sloops are gone well man'd a second time in pursuit of the Privateer.

30th Instant

On the 30th instant the Jersey Man of War arrived at Sandy-hook, and 5 days before spoke with Capt. Puckle from London to Philadelphia; She also met a sloop from Newfoundland bound hither, one Martin master, which they seized, having prohibited goods on board. It's said the Jersey will sail tomorrow, who lyes at Sandy-hook to recruit with Water, &c.

There is to be sold a Still-house (about a mile from New York) 50 foot long, and 22 foot broad, with two good Copper Stills, head and worms; one of said Stills containing about 140 gallons, the other about 100 gallons. There is a very good well, pumps; all the conveniencies and utensils necessary for said Still-House: and a stout lusty negro man, who understands Stilling. If any body have a mind to buy said Still-house, they may agree with Mr. Augustus Lucas of said New York upon reasonable terms: they may have an inventory of all the things belonging to said Still-House, and the buyer shall have all the satisfaction he can desire about the Stilling.

New York, August 7.

Yesterday our 3 Privateers return'd without seeing or hearing of the French Privateer, at the same time came in a Briganteen from Nevis, who on the last of July, 8 leagues off of Sandy-hook was taken by the French Privateer, & Ransomed for 400 pounds St. Thomas Money, and say that the Privateer is gone for Tarpolin Cove, having sent Capt. Sinclare's Ship with 15 of his men to Martinico two days after they took her. The Jersey Man of War sail'd on Thursday last & returned last night with Capt. Jeffries from London, & tomorrow Sails agin in pursuit of the French privateer. Last week arrived here two sloops from St. Thomas's in one of which came young Laroux, who is committed to prison till his Excellency returns from Albany, for acting in the French service.

New York, August 14

On the 12th. His Excellency our Governor arrived here from Albany, which place with the rest of the Frontiers, he found in a very good posture of Defence, and our Indians well affected to the Government.

New York, August 21.

The Jersey man of War is returned from his cruise, she has been at Rhode island and Block Island &c. but could hear nothing of the French Privateer. His Excellency the Lord Cornbury designs for his Government of New Jersey on Monday next. Capt. Law and Capt. Jeffers are both bound for London.

New York, September 4.

On the 29, last His Excellency the Lord Cornbury went for his Government of New-Jersey, and arrived at Burlington on the 31, where his Excellency Col. Nicholson Governour of Virginia met him. On the 2d. instant was burryed the Reverend Mr. Preret Minister of the French Congregation in this Citiy; he was a person of eminent piety, vertue and learning, who's loss is much lamented by all good men that knew him.New York, September 11.

Last week came in a sloop from Sandy-hook, and by her not coming up we were jealous of her being a French Privateer, and by direction of the Council, Capt. Rogers Commander of the Jersey put 100 able men on board a Briganteen which was bound for Suranum, with bay on her quarter for a decoy; but she coming near the Sloop most of the men run ashore: The Sloop is a prize of Capt. Tongerlows, she has nothing on board but about 600 of Cocoa, 40 barrels of Flower, and a few hides.

New York, September 18.

On the 16th. dyed Matthew Ling, Esq. one of her Majestys Council for this Province. The Jersey Man of War sails for England the 8th of October. Three vessels from hence takes the benefit of her convoy, viz. Jeffers, Law and Coward for London.

New York, September 25.

On the 21 and 22d. Arrived here two sloops from Curacoa, Daniel Dunskum and Richard Creago Masters, about 5 weeks passage. Col. Townsend and John Leveret Esqrs. Arrived here last week from Rhode Island, and on Fryday last they sailed for Albany. The Pensilvania Post is arrived, his excel, the Ld. Cornbury has been at Salem and Newcastle: and was just arrived at Burlington when the Post came away, there is no news that way.

New York, October 9

On the 4th instant, His Excellency the Lord Cornbury arrived here from his government of New Jersey: The Assembly there are dissolved (not having passed one Act) and another call'd to sit the 9th of November next. Our Assembly here is adjourned to Thursday next. Capt. Peniston in a sloop with 70 men sailed hence the 7th currant on Privateering. The Jersey Man of War for England with the vessels under her convoy proposes to sail this week or the next.

New York, October 23.

On the 19th arrived here one Bignal of Philadelphia in 26 days from Jamaica, by whom we have advice, that Capt. Mauny belonging to this place, was cast away in his coming out, upon Porto Morant Keys, the men all Saved. Our Assembly has voted 1300 for the frontiers.

New York, November 6.

The Jersey and the Vessels under her convoy lye at Jacques Bay, the Captain and passengers are going on board this day and will sail with the first fair Wind. Our assembly is just nopw dissolved. His excellency my Lord Cornbury designs for his Government of new Jersey tomorrow morning. Laroux was last week tryed for pyracy, and acquitted, three evidences viva voce proving him to be born in France.

New York, November 13.

On the 7th instant Lord Cornbury went hence to New Jersey. On the 8th Currant, the Jersey man of War with the vessels under her convoy sailed from Sandy-hook for England.

New York, November 22.

Captain Clavar in a Barque, Captain De Wint, and Captain Vanlaer in two sloops all well manned, design this or next week to sayl on privateering.

New York, January 1.

About 10 days ago, Capt. Claver, and Capt. De Wint sayled a privateering. A sloop arrived here from Suranam, brings no news. The Post from Albany brings advice, that the French were fitting out a great party of Indians &c. to fall upon some of the English Governments. Several Vessels outward bound for Antiqua, Jamaica, Coracoa, and Carolina. Capt. Wilde from London that came on with the advice Man of War, &c. lies at the two Brothers, 12 miles from hence.

New York, January 22.

On the 15th, instant dyed here, Sampson Shelton Broughton, Esqr. Her Majesties Attorney General Judge Advocate, and of the Council of this Province, a gentleman of great probity, piety and temper; whose loss is extreamly lamented by all good men. This day her Majesties proclamation for settling and ascertaining the current rate of Foreign coins in her majesties collonies and plantations in America was published here. Never more Snows known here than now, which is excessive deep, 7 or 8 miles a day with great difficulty is attained to be a dys journey.

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