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Section: Educational Websites: Lesson Plans, and Helpful Information for Teachers, Students, and Parents.

Web Link: Teaching Tips Index: The Honolulu Community College calls this "the most colorful, comprehensive, exciting faculty development site on the Internet."  The Teaching Tips Index section of the site contains hundreds of ideas about teaching and learning in higher education.  Topics addressed include course design, communication, assessment, teaching techniques, the first day, effective questioning, and principles of how people learn and develop.
Web Link: How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience and School.
Web Link: Classroom Management Tips Vol: 1-31
Web Link: Great Resource For New Teachers
Web Link: History Matters: An annotated guide to top web sites for teaching U.S. history and social studies.
Web Link: Help For Homework Hassles
Web Link: Spartacus Educational: This is an excellent website .provides free online materials for the history curriculum
Web Link: Digital History: Using New Technologies To Enhance Teaching .
Web Link: Behaviour Management Tips Vol: 1-36
Web Link: Teaching Literature and Writing With Technology
Web Link: National Council For The Social Studies: This website offers support for social studies educators.
Web Link: The New York Times  Learning Network
Web Link: The Power of Written Praise: A little praise can be a huge motivator
Web Link: The Lessons Plan Page: 2,500+ Free Lesson Plans for PreK-12 - Making Teaching Easier! (They also have an Educator Discussion Forum which allows you to  participate in discussions with other educators on a variety of topics.
Web Link: Homeschooling, Examining a Growing Trend: A growing number of families are choosing to homes school their children. Education World examines the pros and cons of this trend.
Web Link: The Pearson Prentice Online School:  The Focus Lessons, written by an experienced curriculum developer, suggest strategies for assessing how well your students understand the important points in each chapter.  They will also provide test-taking tips that will help your students prepare for and take the AP* United States History test successfully.
Web Link: Federal Resources For Educational Excellence
Web Link: The Discovery School:  The Discovery Lesson Plan Library offers history and government lesson plans for Ancient History, U.S History, and World History.
Web Link: The Learning Page: Library of Congress (Especially for Teachers)
Web Link: SCORE: The Schools of California Online Resources for Educators (SCORE) project is a terrific resource for teachers and students alike. The lesson plans -- all rated and arranged by grade level and content area.
Web Link: The Think Quest Library:  It provides innovative learning resources for students of all ages on a wide range of educational topics.
Web Link: Websites For Educators: Harvard Graduate School of Education

Sub Section:  Parent's Working Relationship With Teachers
Web Link: Parents and Teachers Working Together: How do you establish and maintain a good working relationship with your students' parents?
Web Link: Helping Parents Communicate Better With Schools: Good communication between parents and teachers has many benefits. When  parents and teachers share information, children learn more and parents and teachers feel more supported.
Web Link: Parents Play A Key Role In Their Child's Success In School
Web Link: Parents Play Key Role in Developing Solid Reading Skills
Web Link: Parents play a critical role
Web Link: Parental Involvement: "Every school will promote partnerships that will increase parental involvement and participation in promoting the social, emotional, and academic growth of children.
Web Link: Working with Teachers and Schools -- Helping Your Child Succeed in School

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