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Section: Say It With Photography ( "The photos show us things we would otherwise have to imagine from verbal descriptions."  "That's why photos are so important they tell us so much more than any text does.") Professor Norman Thorpe

Web Link: The Beginnings of Photography
Web Link: Glossary of Terms Used With Daguerreotypes
Web Link: Photographers Represented in the Library of Congress Daguerreotype Collection
Web Link: Tips For Using a Point and Shoot Camera
Web Link: Using Photography To Enhance A Story
Web Link: Student Curriculum in Photography: an online resource for students of all ages who are wanting to improve their photography skills. It also has a few photo challenges to help learn how to "make a photograph" rather than a simply taking a "snapshot" without thought for the finished product.
Web Link: Incorporating Digital Photography Into Your Classroom
Web Link: Digital Camera Basics, Buying and Use in the Classroom
Web Link: History of Photography: From its beginnings till the 1920s
Web Link: New York Institute of Photography

Section: Lesson Plans
Web Link: Lessons Plans for the Arts and Media
Web Link: Kodak: Education-Photography Lessons Plans
Web Link: Lesson Plan Central: An educators guide to lessons, worksheets, web links and more.
Web Link: Smithsonian Education: Every Picture Has a Story....A Lesson Plan
Web Link: A Lens Into The Past: This lesson which supports the YFP Production of Dreams in the Golden Country uses photographs to visually describe the transition from old world to New World experienced by immigrants to the United States.    
Web Link: Teachers Guide At American Photogrpahy: A Century of Images from PBS (Grades 9-12)

Section: Behind The Camera's Eye Project:  What Stories Do These Photographs Tell? The purpose of this project is to encourage students to apply their own analytical skills in arriving at a conclusion on the events of the past.

Sub Section: Early New York City Tenement Life in Pictures

Web Link: Tenement Life-child bathing in Sink
Web Link: Poor Home New York City Tenement
Web Link: Child Labor At Home
Web Link: New York Tenement Family Gets Fresh Air On a Hot Day, 1910
Web Link: Newsboys in the early 1900s
Web Link: Street Play in the Early Days of New York City-1910
Web Link: Boys With Wagons of Scrap Wood
Web Link: Boy Carrying Home Work From New York  Sweatshops
Web Link: Child Labor in Tenement Building
Web Link: Child Labor
Web Link: Tenement Bedroom 1937
Web Link: Brooklyn Tenement Interior 1934
Web Link: Negro Family, Tenement Living Photo
Web Link: Child Labor-Smoking (picture) Boys work 7:am to 6:pm
Web Link: Italian Family Making Artificial Flowers in Tenement Building
Web Link: Boys Working in Subway Bowling Alley at Night 1910
Web Link: Firewood-East Side New York 1912
Web Link: Women Rag Pickers-1915
Web Link: Tenement Street Scene-1910
Web Link:
Web Link:
Web Link:

Sub Section: Selected Images of Ellis Island and Immigration 1880-1920
Web Link: Waiting for Ellis Island Ferry
Web Link: Welcome to the Land of Freedom
Web Link: Landing At Ellis Island
Web Link: Ellis Island, New York
Web Link: Awaiting Examination, Ellis Island
Web Link: Examination Hall Ellis Island
Web Link: Emigrants Coming To The Land of Promise
Web Link: Italian Immigrant Family at Ellis Island

Sub Section: Ellis island Images From The Marchand Collection

Web Link: Ellis Island 1905
Web Link: The Great Migration, 1880-1930. Immigrants awaiting either sailing or processing at point of entry.
Web Link: Immigrants with suitcases, Ellis Island
Web Link: Immigrants eat in the Ellis Island dining hall while awaiting admission to the U.S., 1907. The hall and dormitory accommodated 1000 people, but the arrival of 5000 aliens in a given day was not uncommon, resulting in deplorably crowded conditions.
Web Link: Immigrants on Ellis Island wait for the ferry after disembarking from their ship, 1911
Web Link: Ellis Island, 1969. Deserted for decades, its many offices became tombs whose walls shed flakes of paint, commemorating the past
Web Link: Men's dormitory on Ellis island, c. 1920
Web Link: The waiting and processing hall on Ellis Island, c. 1910.
Web Link: Italian family seeking lost baggage, Ellis Island, 1905.
Web Link: Woman Being given health examination by  physicians at Ellis island
Web Link: A family of English immigrants arrive in the New World, 1908.
Web Link: Immigrants waiting to be transferred, Ellis Island, October 30, 1912.

Sub-Section: The Marchand Collection At The University of California

Web Link: Italian Immigrants in the Sleeping Quarters that New York offered the Newcomers.
Web Link: A Sweatshop Tenement Flat on Ludlow Street, New York. 1889
Web Link: Children Playing in Street Sprinkler 1915
Web Link: Father, mother and daughter work together sewing clothing at home."
Web Link: An Italian family and five bunches of artificial flowers in its New York City Home, 1908.
Web Link: Hester Street, c. 1903. The heart of New York City's Lower East Side
Web Link: Child tenement dwellers on a fire escape
Web Link: An alley strewn with bottles and trash, 1889
Web Link: Mother with infant and children in sleeping area of a crowded tenement apartment, c.1910
Web Link: Immigrants making clothing at a shop, 1912
Web Link: Mother and children in a tenement kitchen, 1915
Web Link: Immigrant family working on sewing at home: the Romana family, New York City, 1912.
Web Link: Pushcart peddler in Lower East Side, New  York, early 1900s.
Web Link: Crowded Hester Street, early 1900s.
Web Link: Orchard Street in New York, 1898
Web Link: A Street in the Five Points district of New York City, 1870. The slum streets were narrow, crowded and strewn with garbage.
Web Link: Steerage passengers. The "huddled masses," steerage passengers who came by the thousands between 1880 and 1914 to escape the unbearable conditions in Eastern Europe.
Web Link: Italian Family Looking for Baggage in Ellis Island
Web Link: Deck scene on an immigrant liner in the first years of the 20th century
Web Link: Immigrants penned up by nationality on Ellis Island c. 1910.

Sub Section: Bionik Media
Web Link: Old 1900s NYC Street Peddlers Shining Shoes
Web Link: Early 1900s Anarchist Bombing NYC
Web Link: 1900s New York City Street Kids
Web Link: 1911 Hot Weather Charity Free Baths 4 Horses NY
Web Link: 1896 NYC Rag Cart Street Vendors
Web Link: 1940s Vintage Gangsta Car on NYC street
Web Link: Old NYC Subway 110th St. Lennox Ave Platform
Web Link: 1920s Street Vendors at an Italian Festival in New York
Web Link: 1913 Old Cars on 5th Avenue in New York City
Web Link: 1900s Crowds at Dreamland, Coney Island, NY.
Web Link: Italians Watch Shop New York City
Web Link: 1908 Little Italy NY Festival Street Scene

Sub Section:  The Jacob Riis Photo Collection: "How The Other Half Lives" This 1890 book exposed the shameful conditions of life in New York City's tenement district.

Web Link: Room In A Tenement 1910
Web Link: Shoemaker, Broome Street, early 1890s
Web Link: Jersey Street Tenements
Web Link: Tenement House Yard
Web Link: An Old Rear Tenement in Roosevelt Street
Web Link: In the Home of An Italian Rag Picker, Jersey Street
Web Link: Lodgers in a Crowded Bayard Street Tenement
Web Link: Bohemian Cigarmakers At Work In Their Tenement
Web Link: A flat in the pauper barracks, West 38 St., with all its furniture
Web Link: Under the dump, Rivington Street, about 1890
Web Link: "Knee-pants" at forty-five cents a dozen--a Ludlow Street sweater's shop
Web Link: Sabbath Eve in a coal cellar, Ludlow Street, early 1890s
Web Link: The man slept in this cellar for four years, about 1890
Web Link: Street Arabs in night quarters
Web Link: In poverty Gap, West 28 Street: an English coal-heaver's home
Web Link: The Tramp [in a Mulberry Street yard]
Web Link: Bunks in a seven-cent lodging-house, Pell Street
Web Link: Stale Bread Vendor
Web Link: Panorama of Fire-escapes
Web Link: Hester Street, early 1890s
Web Link: Jewish Neighborhood
Web Link: Necktie workshop in a Division Street Tenement, 1889
Web Link: Fighting tuberculosis on the roofighting tuberculosis on the roof
Web Link: Vegetable stand in "the Bend"Vegetable stand in "the Bend"
Web Link: Women in gotham Court sewing "pants" for the sweaterWomen in gotham Court sewing "pants" for the sweater
Web Link: Craps in the hall of the newsboys's lodging-house
Web Link: Boys Ball Team

Section: The History Box Presents: Images of the Past, New York City History; Experience shows that pictures communicate in a way text does not. Teachers who have included historical pictures in their lessons to shed light upon the past have encouraged more of an interest in student participation. The student's analytical skills are developed by observing and understanding the picture, describing to the best of their knowledge the difference between what they actually know and what they think they know.

Activity: Describing Picture Scenes: Create a virtual tour of some of the pictures that are reflected in this section expressing your views on the subject. Information is available  throughout the New York City Main Directory to assist you with the text for this project.




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