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Section: Reading, One of Life's Greatest Thrills "To learn to read is to light a fire, every syllable that is spelled out is a spark"  Victor Hugo.    "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body" Richard Steele.

Sub Section: Reading Comprehension

Web Link: How To Improve Reading Comprehension
Web Link: Five Homework Strategies for Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities: Many students with learning or reading disabilities find homework challenging. Here are five research-based strategies that teachers can use to help students improve how they do.
Web Link: Comprehension Instruction: What Makes Sense Now, What Might Make Sense Soon
Web Link: Comprehension Instruction: What Works: Without a strong background in basic skills like decoding and vocabulary-building, comprehension is impossible. This article offers research-based strategies for building on these and other skills to increase student understanding of what is read.
Web Link: Motivational Techniques for Improving Reading Comprehension Among Inner-city High School Students: Yale-New Haven Teacher's Institute
Web Link: Reading Comprehension Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities
Web Link: 12 Components of Research-Based Reading Programs: Research-based reading instruction allows children opportunities to both understand the building blocks and expand their use of language, oral and written. These opportunities are illustrated by classroom activities in these twelve components of reading instruction for grades one through three.
Web Link: Concentration: Its Role in the Act of Reading
Web Link: Grouping Students Who Struggle With Reading: There are a variety of grouping formats that have been proven effective for teaching reading to students with learning disabilities: whole class, small group, pairs, and one-on-one.
Web Link: Hints on How to Read Aloud to a Group: From previewing to reading with expression, here are several helpful hints for anyone preparing to read a book aloud to a group of children.
Web Link: Seven Strategies to Teach Students Text Comprehension: Comprehension strategies are conscious plans sets of steps that good readers use to make sense of text.
Web Link: The Path to Reading: Three Portraits: This article explores what happens when three children with very different learning styles enter the classroom.
Web Link: Using Think-Alouds to Improve Reading Comprehension: Students need to think while they are reading. By using modeling, coached practice, and reflection, you can teach your students strategies to help them think while they read and build their comprehension.
Web Link: What Is Differentiated Instruction? Differentiation means tailoring instruction to meet individual needs. Whether teachers differentiate content, process, products, or the learning environment, the use of ongoing assessment and flexible grouping makes this a successful approach to instruction.

Sub Section: Recommended Literature For Children

Web Link: Eighteen Highly Recommended Books for Girls: Random House Booklist
Web Link: Carole Hurst's Children's Literature Site
Web Link: Children's Literature: Treasure Island: Classic Books For Teens

Sub Section: Classic E-Books Online
Web Link: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Web Link: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Web Link: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Web Link: Mansfield Park  by Jane Austen
Web Link:
Web Link: Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott

Sub Section: Booklist For Teens

Web Link: Books About Forensic Science for Young People
Web Link: Substance Abuse: Novels for Teens
Web Link: Hispanic Fiction for Young Adults Hispanic Fiction for Young Adults
Web Link: African-American History In Young Adult Fiction
Web Link: The Underground Railroad
Web Link: Teens and the Holocaust: A suggested reading list
Web Link: Books on Skateboarding!
Web Link: Going Places! True Tales of Travel and Adventure for Teens
Web Link: Crime Scene Investigation: Fascinating Forensic Novels

Sub-Section: Reading Material Online For Adults (Electronic version-Books,  etc.)

Web Link:  Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl  By Harriet Jacobs (Penname Linda Brent)
Web Link: Up From Slavery, An Autobiography   Booker T. Washington
Web Link: The Narrative Of Sojourner Truth  By Olive Gilbert, based on information provided by Sojourner Truth
Web Link: The Souls Of Black Folk By W.E. B. Du Bois
Web Link: The Old Merchants of New York City 1863 (Total of 38 Chapters)
Web Link: Etiquette in Society, In Business, In Politics and At Home-1922
Web Link: The Sins of New York (Total of 17 Chapters, in 2 Parts) As exposed by the Police Gazette
Web Link: New York, A Sketch of the City's Social, Political, and Commercial Progress from the First Dutch Settlement to RecentTimes-1906
Web Link: How the Other Half Lives- Hypertext Edition
Web Link: The Battle With The Slum by Jacob A. Riis (online book)
Web Link: Richard Croker by Alfred Henry Lewis, Life Publishing Company-New York 1901. Produced by the Cornell Library of NYS Historical Literature
Web Link: The Story of My Life by Helen Keller; Doubleday, Page & Company, N.Y. 1905
Web Link: Notes On Nursing: What It Is, and What It Is Not by Florence Nightingale 1860
Web Link: Online Literary Criticism Collection: Links to over 4,000 sites for literary criticism (Internet Public Library)
Web Link: London Review of Books
Web Link: New York Times Best Seller List

Section:  Children, Teens and Young Adults With Special Needs: Helping Them To Achieve Their Potential.  "the best teacher is not necessarily the one who deals with the most facts, but who effectively allows the student to come to grips with the best part of themselves." Henry Winkler, former star of "Happy Days."

Sub Section: Caretakers of The Mentally Challenged Child

Web Link: Seattle Children's Home: The Seattle Children's Home provides services for Washington's emotionally and developmentally challenged children to help them live normal, productive lives.
Web Link: Kennedy Krieger Institute: Pact: Helping Children With Special Needs
Web Link: The Special Child
Web Link: Who's Teaching Our Children With Disabilities?
Web Link: Who's Challenged? Children with Special Needs, or their Caregivers?
Web Link: Children's Books About Disabilities: A Bibliography-Teacher's Guide  PDF file
Web Link: Speaking and Writing About People with Disabilities: Disability, Handicap, or Challenge? What to Call It and How to Say It.
Web Link: The Avery Center: Therapeutic Childcare and Early Intervention Services to Children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum

Special Mention "Fragile Innocence" by reporter James Reston. Author and father of a mentally challenged daughter, Reston was stunned when  Hillary, his beautiful perfect baby,  suddenly suffered a  never-explained stroke at two years old. After five days of high fever, which "interrupted the blood flow to her brain and damaged significant portions of her brain, including her language center, "  his child was caged in a young toddler's mind forever. A father's pain and suffering and redemption--a story of love, once again, triumphing over despair.

Sub Section: Wonderful Success Stories

Web Link: For Brandi Stewart, Dancing is a Passion to be Shared With Others: Student wins service award for work with special needs children.
Web Link: Library Facilities for the Mentally Challenged: Gloria Dinerman and Constance Hudock, The Library Co Op, Inc., Edison, New Jersey, USA
Web Link: A Place For Amber: What happens when children with disabilities attend regular classes? For young Amber Miller, it has been an educational miracle.
Web Link: Series of Success Stories: Children With Special Needs Achieving Milestones

Sub Section: Learning Disabilities and Learning Disorders
Web Link: ADHD Basics: Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder that becomes apparent in some children in the preschool and early school years. Learn more about ADHD and what  you can do to help children and adults with ADHD achieve their full potential.
Web Link: Teaching Social Skills to Kids Who Don't Yet Have Them: Students with learning disabilities often have difficulties accurately perceiving what other people do, say, or demonstrate.
Web Link: You Can Raise A Child With A Learning Disability! by Cynthia Wassong
Web Link: ADHD: What Parents Should Know
Web Link: Autism: Do We Understand It?
Web Link: Coping: A Survival Guide For People With Asperger Syndrome
Web Link: Asperger Syndrome: What is It?
Web Link: Reading and Learning Disabilities
Web Link: What is Processing?
Web Link: Developmental Reading Disorder
Web Link: A Strategy to Improve Reading Comprehension for Learning Disabled Students
Web Link: Hyperlexia: A Teacher's Guide by Eric Ray
Web Link: Hyperlexia Vs. Autism by Renee Montero Kovach

Sub Section: Stories Describing First-Hand Experiences with the Challenges of Learning Disabilities and ADHD
 Web Link:  Turning Frustration Into Triumph by Michelle Lintner
Web Link: The Light at the End of the Tunnel is Right Before Your Eyes by Janet Williamson
Web Link: She doesn't Believe She Can Succeed by Bruce Saddler
Web Link: Turning Differences Into Advantages by Donald A. Winkler
Web Link: My Life with Learning Disabilities by Lauren
Web Link: Accepting Myself Moving Through the Five Stages of Loss by Deborah Green
Web Link: How Reading and Writing Have Shaped My Life, by Kathy Green
Web Link: A Mother's Tale of Middle School Transitions by a School Psychologist
Web Link: ADHD-One Mother's Perspective, by Kathleen Turner
Web Link: Learning Disabilities Did Not Keep Me From Graduating College by Michele Glaser

Sub Section: Children's Speech and Communication
Web Link: Finding the Right Words by Carolyn Murray
Web Link: Common Speech Problems for Younger Children
Web Link: Communication in Autism
Web Link: Children With Communication Disorders
Web Link: Conversation Guide For Older Children by James D. MacDonald
Web Link: Students With Speech-Language Impairment
Web Link: When are Special Needs in Speech and Language Not Speech-Language Impairment
Web Link: Stuttering

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