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Definition of Riot, Mob and Crowd

Understanding Causes and Consequences of Riots
The Negro Riot of 1712

The New York Conspiracy-1741

The Riot of 1764 and The Stamp Act Riot-1765

The Liberty Pole Struggle and Riot 1766-1776

The Doctor's Riot 1788

The Whorehouse Riots of 1793

The New York Stonecutters Riot Against Prison Labor and The Election Riot of 1834

Abolition Riots 1834-1836

The Bread Riot of 1837 and The South Ferry Riot of 1846

A Serious Riot in Williamsburg City 1853 and A Riot in Brooklyn City 1853

The Firemen's Riot 1853 and The Angel Gabriel Riot 1854

The Irish and Know Nothing's Riot 1854

The Riot After Bill Poole's Funeral 1855

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The Irish and Know Nothing's Riot 1854

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James McDermott, M. Mahon, John Devoe, Oliver Rice, Jas. Dougherty, Jas. O'Brien, Arthur O'Neal, Patrick McKinney, Henry Breslau, Thos. Cain, Chas. Murphy, Thos. Heney, Arch Hanlon, Bernard McDonald, John Slade, Jas Hickey, Edward Toner, George Aden, Thos. Moran, Thos. Steele, Wm. Rose, Jas. Sellick, Wm. Holahan, Daniel McDermott, (head
fractured.), Patrick Boyle, William McNamee, Hugh McCloskey, Francis Mack, Pat Larkin, Micheal Martin, Edward Lake, James Canning, John Ennis, Thos. Fitzgerald, Thos. Jackson, Jas. Cook, Micheal Fitzsimmons, Edward Fitzgerald, John Egan, Isaac Morris, Edward Diver, Dennis Malady, Patrick McLaughlin, West Beans, Peter Farrell.

Many more are in custody, and some twenty warrants were issued this morning for the arrest of others. The cells of the City Hall were found too small for the accommodation of the throng, and the gates of the main passage way in the basement were closed, in order to provide room for them. This morning the neighborhood of the City Hall was crowded with those who had friends implicated in the previous day's proceedings, and others, by far the most numerous, who were attracted thither by curiosity.

This morning Mayor Lambert, Judge Blatch Ley, and Ald. Barnard, received complaints against the parties arrested, is Justice Smith's court room; admitted those to bail who could procure it and committed those who could not. Two men, one of whom is named Boyne, were discharged. The regiment on duty during the day was the 14th infantry under command of Col. Jesse C. Smith. They were stationed at the armory until ordered to main street. It is composed of the following companies:

Franklin Guard, Captain Baldwin.; National Guard, Captain Sprague; Grenadiers, Captain Burnett; Steuben Guard, Captain Schepper.; Emmet Guard, Captain Nugent; Shield Guard, Captain McCarty. The City Cadets, Capt. Edmonds, the City Light Guard, Capt. Clark, Ringgold Horse Guard, Capt. Ubran were also ordered out, but with the exception of the Cadets did not show themselves. We have thus compiled all the incidents which have come to our knowledge, and the public can draw their own conclusions.

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