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A Largely Attended Ball 1-31-1881


 Second Entertainment of the Family Circle Dancing Club

The second ball of the season of the Family Circle Dancing Class was given at Delmonico's last night. Selected as its members are from "The Patriarchs," the Germans of this organization are still more select than those of "The Patriarchs," and tickets of admission are sought after with great eagerness. The number, however, is limited to 225, with about 50 guests from out of town in addition. The applications of at least 150 people had to be refused in the present case. The ball began at 11 o'clock, and soon after that hour the scene in the upper part of the building was a very brilliant one. A large number of people were present from Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. The toilets were for the most part Parisian. Landers furnished two bands. At 12 o'clock supper was served in the upper room. A feature of the menu was the abandonment of salmon and the introduction of truffled turkey, a Parisian luxury.

At 12:30 o'clock the cotillion was begun, led by Mr. C.R. Hone, who danced with Mrs. S.S. Rowland. On their right were Mr. Ward McAllister and Mrs. J. Lawrence Lee, and on their left, Mr. Delancey Kane and Mrs. John Steward, Jr.

Although the floral decorations of the rooms were not so elaborate as on some other occasions, more beautiful bouquets have seldom been carried by ladies at a ball. Orders for an unusual number were given, and no means were spared to effect the handsomest possible combination of the rich and rare. One of the most beautiful carried by Miss Lanier, was made of English daffodils and violets. Miss Vanderbilt carried a bouquet of Jacqueminot and Marechal Neil roses. Miss Astor's was of Sofrano roses with a border of violets, Mrs. Nelson carried one of Jacqueminot roses and lilacs arranged in two half blocks. Miss Pell's bouquet was almost entirely of violets, only a few Jacqueminot roses being placed on one side. Another pretty one was made of Nephites roses and lilies of the valley, and others were in blocks of two or m ore varieties of roses. All were of very large size. Miss Lauier carried also a handsome floral fan, which was universally admired. The back was of delicate ferns, the border of lilies of the valley, the centre of Jacqueminot roses and pansies, with a row of forget=me-nots underneath, finishing in a cluster of Marechal Neil roses, with a bunch of other roses pendant from the handle.

Among those present from abroad were Mr. Seymour Wynne Finch of the Royal Horse Guards; the Marquis San Margano, Mr. J. de Cossio, Baron Blanc, and Mr. William C.Maxwell, of England. From Boston there were Mrs. Thomas Perkins and Miss Perkins, Mrs. Mason and Miss Mason, Mrs. Peabody, Miss Lawrence, Miss Grant, Mr. Edward Everett, Mr. Frederick Grant, Mr. Frederick Amory, Miss Gordon, and Mrs. Fenno. From Philadelphia and Baltimore were Mr. Alexander Brown, Mrs. Macfavish and Miss Mactavish. Mrs. Gracie and the Misses Carroll. Among those from this city were Miss May Duncan, Mr. Alexander Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Robbins, and Miss Robbins, Mr. William Cutting, Mr. Walker Smith, Mr. Charles Lanier and Miss Lanier. Mr. Ralph N. Ellis, Mr. August Belmont Jr., Mr. L C. Hamersly, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goelet, the Misses Tuckerman, Mr. Lispenard Stewart, Miss Mary R. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Columbus Iselin, Mr. and Mrs. Ogden Goelet, Mr. F.K. Sturgis, Miss Cora Smith, Mr. Peter Marie, the Misses Marie, Mr. Gould H. Redmond, Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Lorillard, Mrs. Torrance, Miss Torrance, Mrs. Maturin Livingston.

Miss Livingston, Mr. Martin Van Buren, Mr. Lorillard Spencer, Mr. F.K. Pendleton, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt, Mr. John L. Cadwallader, Mr. John G. Hecksher, Mr. Legrand Cannon, Mr. Oakley Rhinelander, Mr. J.T. Harriman, Mr. and Mrs. William Rhinelander Stewart, Miss Sibyl Kane, Mr. Nicholson Kane, Miss Kate Bulkeler, Mr. and Mrs. Byram K. Stevens, Mr. Sidney J. Colford, Mr. William R. Travers, Jr., Mrs. Julian James, Mr. F. Gerhard, Mr. H.J. Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. George Henry Warren, Mr. T. Maitland, Mrs. Gardner Sherman, Mrs. Blake, the Messrs. Emmett, Gen. George B. McClellan and Miss McClellan, Mrs. William Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Manton Marble, Miss Lambard, Mr. J.R. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Potter, Mr. Walter Kingsland, Mr. F. Sheldon, Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Post and Miss Post, Mr. J.H. Hamersly, Mr. R. Mortimer, Jr., Mr. J. Sargent Cram, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Lieut. Michler, Mr. Center Hitchcock, Miss Augusta Schack, Miss Emily Pell, Mr. Henry B. Livingston, Mr. Frank Griswold, Mr. Lloyd Aspinwall, Jr., Mr. S. S. Howland, Jr., Miss May Appleton, Mr. B. Wells, Jr., Miss Wells, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd S. Bryce, the Misses Remsen, Miss Work, Mr. Gerard L. Hoyt, Miss Gandy, Mr. Gould Hoyt, Jr., Mr. G. Redmond, Miss Rutherford, the Misses Rives, Mr. and Mrs. Cavendish Bentinck, Mr. Kerrick Riggs, Mr. and Mrs. F. Nelson, Miss Leroy, Mr. Henry Hoyt, Mr. August Schermerhorn, Miss Griswold, Miss V. Potter, Mr. Harry Oelrichs, and Mrs. Charles Emmett.

Among the handsomest toilets of the evening were those worn by Mrs. F.S.G. D'Hauteville, Mrs. Wetmore, Mrs. Rentinck, Mrs. Coleman Drayton, Mrs. William Astor, Miss Oothout, the Misses Jerome, Mrs. Steward, Mrs. Howland, Miss Livingston, Miss Bessie Morgan, Mrs. Kane, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Redmond, Mrs. Francklyn, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Remsen, Mrs. Oothout, Mrs. F.R. Rives, Mrs. Paran Stevens, Mrs. Pierpont Morgan, and Mrs. J. Coleman Drayton. Carriages were ordered at 2 a.m. The next ball, under the same auspices, takes place on Feb. 28.


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Article Name: A Largely Attended Ball 1-31-1881
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 New York Times Feb 1, 1881. p.5 (1 page)
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