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Dancing At Delmonico's Family Circle Dancing Class: 12-27-1881


The first ball this season of the Family Circle Dancing Class, better known as the F.C.D.C., was given last night at Delmonico's. The F.C.D.C. balls are merely smaller editions of the Patriarch balls, the chief difference being that they begin earlier in the evening, and are limited to a smaller number of guests. they are also arranged so as to break the intervals between the Patriarch balls and therefore form a complement to the latter. The other dates for this season are Jan. 23 and Feb. 20, and what is known as an "extra" will be given on April 11. The decorations of the rooms last night were in most respects the same as on the occasion of the recent Patriarchs' ball. Plants and flowers filled the hallways and recesses, and the small apartment adjoining the south-west corner of the ball-room was fitted up as a conservatory. The windows of the ball-room were hung with rich silver damask curtains, and the floor was covered with white crash. Supper was served up stairs at 12 o'clock in the large room on the Broadway side, which was lighted with pink lights to contrast with the pale straw-colored lights used in the ball-room. The halls and parlors were also illuminated with pink lights.

The ball consisted mainly of the cotillion, which began at 12:30, under the leadership of Mr. J. Ridgeway Moore, and was participated in by about fifty couples. Altogether about 250 persons were present. A notable feature of the evening was the presence of the Nation's French guests, who will sail for Europe today. They are Gen. Boulanger, Col. Bossau, the Comte de Beaumont, the Comte d'Ollone, the Vicomte d'Ollone, the Vicomte de Noailles, the Baron H. d'Aboville, the Baron C. d'Aboville, M.G. de Sahune, Lieut de Sahune, the Comte de Gouvello, M. Octave de Pusy, and the Comte de l'Estrade. Among the assembled company were Col. and Mrs. S.V.R. Cruger, Mrs. Brockholst Cuthing, Gen. and Mrs. George B. McClellan, Miss McClellan, Mr. A. Butler Duncan, Miss Duncan, Mrs. Dresser, Miss Dresser, Mrs. Jonathan Edwards, Miss Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goelet, Mr. and Mrs. Ogden Goelet, Mr. and Mrs. J.N.A. Griswold, Miss Griswold, Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Hammersley, Mr. and Mrs. G.G. Haven, Miss Alice Haven, Mrs. C.B. Hoffman, Miss Hoffman, Mr. Hoffman, Miss Amy B. Hewitt, Mr. C. Johnston, Miss Fannie Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. William E. Iselin, Mr. and Mrs. C. O'D. Iselin, Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Lorillard, Col. and Mrs. Delancey Kane, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Iselin, Miss Iselin, Miss Mary Mason Jones, Mrs. Julian James, Mr. Arthur M. Jones, Miss Sybil Kane, Mr. S.N. Kane, Mr. Walter F. Kingsland, Mrs. Maturin Livingston, Miss Livingston, Mr. Johnston Livingston, Miss Livingston, Miss Silvie Livingston, Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Morgan, Jr., Mr. William Starr Miller, Mr. Ogden Mills, Mrs. William Oothout, Miss Oothout, Mr. F.H. Phipps, Mr. P. Marie, Miss S.S. Marie, Mr. and Mrs. Manton Marble, Mr. T. Maitland, Miss E.E. Morgan, Mr. M. Morgan, Mr. Henry B. Livingston, Mr. E. De Puyster Livingston, Mr. J.H. Jones, Miss Carrie Riggs, Mr. and Mrs. T. Roosevelt, Miss Roosevelt, Mr. and Mrs. George Robbias, Miss Robbins, Mr. Julian Robbins, Mrs. De Ruyter, Mr. Oakley Rhinelander, Mr. S. Howland Robbins, Mr. Lispenard Stewart, Miss Minnie Stewart.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Sheldon, Mrs. F.G. Swan, Miss Fannie Swan, Mrs. Paran Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. James B. Toler, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Townsend, Miss Townsend, Mr. Frederick W. Stevens, Miss Stevens, Mr. J. Frederick Tams, Mr. F.G. Witherbee, Mr. and Mrs. C. Vanderbilt, Mr. and Mrs. James M. Waterbury, Mrs. Smith Van Buren, the Misses Van Buren, Mr. Martin Van Buren, Mr. M.A. Wilks, Mr. F.D. Weeks, Mr. and Mrs. F. Yznaga, Miss Ashmore, Mr. G.C. Allen, Mr. Philip Allen, Mr. Alexander Baring, Mr. F.H. Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. George H. Bend, Mrs. Bird, Miss Bird, Mr. and Mrs. T.B. Baldwin, Mr. J. Drayton Burrill, Miss Kate Bulkley, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd S. Bryce, Mr. Samuel Colgate, Mr. A.S. Carhart, Miss Chamberlain, of Cleveland; Gen. Crawford, Mr. Royal Phelps, the Misses Carroll, Mr. J. L. Cadwalader, Mr. R.R. Colgate, Mr. W.B. Cooper, Mr. E. Du Vivier, Mr. H.C. Emmet, Miss Endicott, Mr. Charles Emmet, Miss Emmet, Mr. Herman L'R. Emmet, Mr. Haliburton Fales, Mr. Frank G. Griswold, Mr. George Griswold, Jr., Mr. J.B. Grosvenor, Mr. W.H. J. Graham, Mr. Center Hitchcock, Mr. J. Hooker Hammersley, Mr. John G. Heckscher, Mr. J.Low Harriman, Mr. G.G. Howland, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith Hadden, Mr. William Johnston, Mr. Arthur M. Jones, Mr. Shipley Jones, Mr. Oliver K. King, Mr. Grenville Kane, Mr. John P. Kingsford, Mr. D.B. Lee, Mr. Herman R. Le Roy, Mr. Arthur Leary, Mr. Stanley Mortimer, Mr. Richard Mortimer, Jr., Mr. Philip S. Miller, Mr. T. Meyer, Mr. Harry Oelrichs, Miss Oelrichs, Mr. C.G. Peters, Mr. Edwin A. Post, Miss Emily O. Post, Mr. and Mrs. George H. Pell, Mr. Wyckliffe Preston, Mr. Morgan G. Post, Mrs. Edward Potter, Miss Ethel Potter, Mr. and Mrs. James Roosevelt, Mr. F.M. Rutherford, Mr. H. de B. Routh, Miss Routh, Mr. F.K. Sturgis, Mr. W.R. STewart, Miss Mary R. Stewart, Mr. Charles E. Strong, Mr. F.A. Schermerhorn, Mr. R.J. Travers, Mr. J. Thomas, Mr. Herbert A. Weeks, Mr. Egerton Winthrop, Mr. George Henry Warren, Mr. G.H. Warran, Jr., Mr. B.S. Welles, Miss Welles, Mr. B. Welles, Gen. Alexander S. Webb,and the Misses Webb.


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Article Name: Dancing At Delmonico's Family Circle Dancing Class: 12-27-1881
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 New York Times Dec 28, 1881. p.8 (1 page)
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