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The Family Circle Dancing Class At Delmonico's 3-1-1881


The third ball of the Family Circle Dancing Class for this season was given at Delmonico's last night. These balls are even more select than those given by the "Patriarchs," although the same gentlemen practically manage them. They are subscription balls, and the number of tickets is limited to 225. There was a great demand for admission to the entertainment last night, and many prominent citizens had to be refused tickets because the list was filled before their applications were made. The decorations in the ball-room were very simple. The great feature of the ball was the hand bouquets for the ladies, which were composed of the rarest flowers. Supper was served from 11 o'clock P.M. to 2 A.M. In the supper-room leading from he ball-room. The supper was more elaborate than any ever given by the "Patriarchs," and the wines were the finest that Delmonico could furnish. Dancing began at 11 o'clock and ended at 2 this morning, at which hour carriages were ordered. At 1 o'clock the cotillion was begun, led by Mr. Charles Russel Hone and Miss Kate Bulkley. On the left were Mr. Delancey Kane and partner and Mr. Frank Sturgis and partner, and on the right Mr. Ward McAllister and Mrs. Eugene Cruger. The entertainment was for dancing only, and was in no sense a reception. Some of the costumes of the ladies were remarkably elegant, and a more select assembly has never been catered for by Delmonico.

Among the prominent guests from abroad were: J.W. Rassin, of Austria; the Marquis de San Mazano, of Italy: J. de Cossio and M. de Curva, of Spain; William Twombley, George B. Dow, and F.L. Eldridge, of Boston; Miss Annie Parsons, of Ohio; Mr. Ogden Miles, of California, and F. Gordon King, Miss King, and Gen. A.G. Lawrence, of Newport. Among the more prominent persons living in New York who were present were: Mrs. William Astor and Miss Astor, Mr. and Mrs. F.S.G. D'Hautville, Mr. and Mrs. George Henry Warren, Miss Warren, Mr. Henry Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Lorillard, Mrs. Paran Stevens, Mr. and Mrs.. William Oothout, Miss Oothout, Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Drayton, Mrs. Torrance, Miss Torrance, Mrs. Maturin Livingston, Miss Livingston, Mr. and Mrs. William R. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. J. Lawrence Lee, Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. S.V.R. Cruger, Mr. and Mrs. Bryan K. STevens, Mrs. Pierpont Morgan, Miss Tracy, Mr. and Mrs. James B. Toler, Mr. H. Le Grand Cannon, Miss Vanderbilt, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Sheldon, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goelet, Mr. William Cutting.

Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt, Mr. and Mrs. Ogden Goelet, Mr. Royal Phelps, the Misses Carroll, Miss Cora Smith, Mr. Goold, H. Redmond, Mr. and Mrs. Columbus Iselin, Mr. Bayard Tuckerman, Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Hammersley, Mr. Lispenard Stewart, Miss Mary R. Stewart, Mr. August Belmont, Jr., Mr. Alexander Duncan, Miss May Duncan, Miss Lanier, Mr. Charles Lanier, Mr. J.F.D. Lanier, Mr. and Mrs. G.G. Haven, Miss Nina Haven, Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Robbins, Miss May Robbins, Mr. Julian Robbins, Mr. Philip S. Miller, Mr. Lorillard Spencer, Mrs. Martin Van Buren, Miss Sybil Kane, Mr. Nicholson Kane, Miss Kate Bulkley, Mr. Henry N. Sands, Mr. Sidney J. Coleford, Miss Leonie Jerome, Miss Clara Jerome, Mrs. Julian James, Miss Bird, Mr. F. Gebhard, Gen. and Mrs. George B. McClellan, Miss McClellan, Mr. T. Maitland, Mr. M.A. Wilkes, Mr. Johnston Livingston, Miss Estelle Livingston, Mr. J. Hooker Hamersley, Miss Emily Post, Mr. Edwin A. Post, Mr. Morgan Post, Miss Waldo, Mrs. R.H. Welman, Mr. Bayard F. Foulke, Mr. H. Walter Webb, Mr. Creighton Webb, Mr. Gerald L. Hoyt, Mr. A. Roosevelt, Mr. George Kneland, Mr. George Griswold, Jr., Mr. Lloyd Aspinwall, Jr., Miss G. Iselin, Miss Emily Iselin, Dr. B.F. Dawson, Miss C. Roosevelt, Mr. W.B. Cooper, Miss Mary M. Jones, Mr. F.P. Abbott, Miss Miller, Mr. Hoffman Miller, Mr. J.R. Moore, Mr. Whitley Preston, Mr. Walter Kingsland, Mr. and Mrs. S.S. Howland, Miss Emily Pell, Mr. Herbert C. Pell, Mr. C.F. Winthrop, Mr. Center Hitchcock.

Mrs. Bunson Murray, Miss Murray, Miss Hewitt, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cooper, Mr. C.C. Baldwin, Miss A. Schack, Mr. and Mrs. T. Roosevelt, Mr. J.S. Cram, Mr. and Mrs. Delancey Kane, Mr. R. Mortimer, Jrt., Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Remsen, the Misses Remsen, Mr. Philip Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Franklyn, Mr. Frank Griswold, Mr. Hartman Evans, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kane, Mr. Louis M. Rutherford, Jr., Mr. E.A. Oothout, Mr. Charles E. Strong, Miss Mary Appleton, Mr. G.G. Howland, Jr., Mr. Frank Iselin, Mr. and Mrs. Percy R. Alden, Mr. Travis Van Buren, Mr. B. Welles, Jr., Mrs. Francis R. Reeves, Mr. Ulysses Reeves, Mr. and Mrs. Bayard Cutting, Mr. Goold Hoyt, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Morgan, Mr. F.A. Schermerhorn, Mr. and Mrs. F. Neilson, Miss Gertrude Hoyt, Mr. Henry Hoyt, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Potter, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Redmond, Mr. William Potter, Mr. Charles Emmett, Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Hone, Mr. Frank Sturgis, Mr. H.S. Cram, Mr. and Mrs. R. Duncan Harris, Miss Griswold, Mr. H.R. Leroy, Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Stone, Mr. Kerrach Riggs, Mrs. W.K. Thorn, Miss Thorn, Mr. G.De Forrest Grant, Mr. Harry Hutton, Miss L. Leroy, Mr. R.A. Gambrill, Miss Van Buren, Miss J. Johnson, Miss Fannie Johnson, and Mr. F. Schuchardt, Jr.


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Article Name: The Family Circle Dancing Class At Delmonico's 3-1-1881
Researcher/Transcriber: Miriam Medina


 New York Times Mar 1, 1881. p.8 (1 page)
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