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The Social Register: "Where 'Best Society' Lives and Plays, Part I"


The "Social Register" Jan 2, 1887. (1)

A little book has appeared during the past week entitled the "Social Register," which is so well compiled and bears so much promise as to deserve the support of the society world. It is a modestly put forth and well arranged list of the members of New York society, the first at all accurate one that has appeared, with their residences, club addresses, and other useful information, but its best feature is an accompanying model of a monthly social bulletin, which it is announced will be sent to all subscribers throughout the year and which will give as far as is possible all removals and changes of residences, departures, marriages and deaths, and coming social events. If this plan of a monthly bulletin can be carried out by competent persons it will give to the many ladies who are constantly worrying over their visiting list invaluable aid and assistance. The book contains no advertisements, and is consequently not only convenient in size but attractive in appearance.

The "Social Register." Nov. 24, 1889.  p.12 (2)

The Social Register for the current quarter appears in the new and attractive form of a handsomely-bound octave volume. It contains the names, residences, and club addresses of men prominent in business and social circles: the maiden names of married women; the dates of recent prominent arrivals from Europe; the dates and places of recent marriages among society people, and other useful information. The names are arranged in alphabetical order, and, as an example of the form in which the other information is conveyed, take the following:

" Cleveland, Hon. and Mrs. Grover, (Frances Folsom.) M., Rf., 816 Mad. av."

Mrs. Cleveland's maiden name is given in parentheses, and the abbreviations M., Rf., signify that Mr. Cleveland is a member of the Manhattan and Reform Clubs. The work is published by the Social Register Association of 35 Liberty street, and editions are issued for Boston and Philadelphia as well as this city. The price of the quarterly issues is $2.50, yearly subscription, $5, or for the three cities, $10.

Facts Shown By the Social Register November 26, 1891 p.2 (3)

The November number of the Social Register, for the Winter issue for 1892 contains about 6,000 family addresses. A study of the location of these indicates that the centre of population as covered by this directory of this city is at the southeast corner of Thirty-seventh Street and Fifth Avenue. Society is classified in the Register as follows: In the Washington Square district, below Twentieth Street, 584 families; among the numbered Streets in the Twenties, 364; in the Thirties, 706; in the Forties, 360, and in the Fifties, 550; above Fifty-ninth Street, east of the Park, 173, and west of the Park, 182; on Fifth Avenue, 402; on Madison Avenue, 280, and in Park and Lexington Avenues and Gramercy Park and Irving Place 192. These several localities show an increase of residents over last year of from 2 to 25 per cent.

The number of society families residing out of town the coming Winter will aggregate 1,021, or an increase of 30 percent. over last season, while the number of families which have gone abroad since August has been but 98, which is 10 percent, less than the corresponding period the previous year. Fifty-eight couples were married and thirty-two women and forty-seven men have died since the last publication of the Register.

The "August "Social Register." July 14, 1893. pg.8 (4)

The August number of the "Social Register" has been issued. It is a neatly-bound volume of 284 pages, and contains the Summer addresses of upward of 5,000 prominent families of New-York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, and Chicago. Its Compilation has led to the discovery that of the families whose names usually appear in the register, there is a falling off in departures to Europe of 45 percent, and an increase in return arrivals of 30 per cent. Nevertheless 367 American families are summering abroad. Other subscribers to the "Social Register" are scattered around the usual Summer resorts in their own country.

New Social Register: The Centre of Society's Population is at Fifth Avenue and Fifty-second Street. December 5, 1902 pg.9 (5)

According to the Social Register for 1903, which appears this week, the centre of population of the residences referred to is at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Fifty-second Street. In 1900 it was at Fiftieth Street; in 1880 at Thirty-fourth Street; in 1866 at Fourteenth Street. This year for the first time the preponderance of the west side has given away, and there are 3,220 residences on the east side of Fifth Avenue to 3,208 on the west side.

There are 516 families abroad. During the year there have been 580 marriages, as against 498 for the preceding year, and 244 men have died as against 245 the year before, and 164 women, as against 134 for the preceding year. Since the Summer issue 594 families have returned from abroad and 317 have sailed to foreign shores.

The publishing association has added the registers to St. Louis and Buffalo to its issues. The Register contains the names of prominent families, whether residing in town, in the country, or at foreign addresses, grouped together under the one address, with the maiden and Christian names of the married women and the names of the daughters and sons, in the order of their ages. Underneath are placed the juniors, girls from twelve to seventeen and boys from fourteen to twenty.

All of the clubs and societies to which the members of a family belong are represented by designating initials, and the university and graduating class of the men also appear. With each address is the accessible telephone number.


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