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The First Ball of the Family Circle Dancing Class: Delmonico's 12-4-1882

The first ball of the Family Circle Dancing Class for this season was given last evening at Delmonico's. The floor of the ball-room was over-hauled and almost entirely renovated for the occasion. The only decorations used were the lambrequins, curtains, portieres, &c., generally used for the Patriarch balls. Refreshments such as coffee, tea, bouillon, and ices were served in the small room adjoining the ball-room to the west, and supper was served in the restaurant on Fifth avenue at 12:30. A variation of the usual programmed of the Family C9rcle Dancing Class balls was furnished by deferring the cotillion until after supper. The cotillion began at 1 o'clock with about 75 couples. There were no favors. It was led by Mr. Charles Russell Hone, with Miss Turnure. The ball began about 11 o'clock and ended about 2:30. About 250 persons were present, among whom were Attorney-General and Mrs. Brewster, Mrs. Don Cameron, Lord and Lady Mandeville, Mr. and Mrs. W.K. Vanderbilt, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Schuyler, Miss Marion Langdon, Mr. and Mrs. J.G. King Duer, Miss Duer, Louis Von Hoffman, Miss Astor, Gov. Carroll, of Maryland; the Misses Carroll, Royal Phelps, Edwards Pierrepont, Judge Coxe, F.A. Conkling, Lord Douglas Gordon, Capt. Arthur Sumner, Count and Countess de Calry, the Lon. Alfred Cadogan, Mr. and Mrs.. David Lydig, Miss Beckwith, M. de Willamon of the Russian Legation; Baron Blichroeder.

William G. Hunt Heath, M. Blum, of Paris; Mrs. Paran Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Hamersley, Mr. and Mrs. F. Sheldon, Mr. and Mrs. George H. Bend, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt, F.W. Stevens, Miss Daisy Stevens, William Cutting, A. Van Horn Stuyvesant, Mr. and Mrs. Schlesinger, H.S. Fearing, Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Lorillard, Miss Fannie Swan, Leon d'Oremieux, George Henry Warren, Harry Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clews, Mrs. Eugene Schleffelin, Miss Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goelet, Mr. and Mrs. James Roosevelt, Mr. and Mrs. Genville Kane, Edward King, the Misses King, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Phipps, T.G. King, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. Colgate, Mr. and Mrs. James M. Waterbury, Frank K. Pendleton, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hoffman, T.J. Oakley Rhinelander, Mr. and Mrs. Ogden Goelet, A. Butler Duncan, Miss Duncan, Charles Lanier, Miss Lanier, Mr. and Mrs. George L. Rives, Mr. and Mrs. James P. Kernochan, Miss Kernochan, S. Howland Robbins, Frank Sturgis, F. Schuchardt, Arthur Leary, J. Hooker Hamersley, A.S. Carhart, Mr. and Mrs. F.W. White, Miss E.R. Le Roy, Mrs. C.G. Peters, F.H. Baldwin, Carroll Bryce, J.N. De Whitehouse, R.W. Whitehouse, Walter F. Kingsland, James M. Varnum, Miss Varnum, C.H. Russell, Jr., S. Howland Russell, Miss Florience Clarke, Bayard Clarke, Jr., R.H. Richards, Miss Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. R. Duncan Harris, W.B. Cooper, S.D. Pringle, Morgan G. Post, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Ledyard.

T.C. Meyer, Frederick D. Thompson, Lispenard Stewart, Mrs. Brockholst Cutting, H. Le Grand Cannon, Martin Van Buren, W.E. Roosevelt, H. Ray Miller, Hartman Evans, Mrs. Haywood Cutting, Miss A. Cutting, Middleton S. Burrill, Oliver K. King, Mrs. Grenville Winthrop, Miss Winthrop, Miss A. Emmet, Charles N. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. L. Kountz, Col. and Mrs. De Lancey Kane, Mr. and Mrs. William Kent, Mr. and Mrs. Columbus Iselin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Martin, R.G. Hone, F. Augustus Schermerhorn, Mr. and Mrs. S.W. Bridgham, Center Illtchcock, Mr. A. Wilks, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Toler, Egerton Winthrop, Frank Winthrop, Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Yznaga, E. De Peyster Livingston, Mrs. R.G. Remsen, Miss Remsen, Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Morgan, Jr., Mrs. De Ruyter, Miss De Ruyter, Miss Hewitt, Robert R. Livingston, D. Welles, Miss Welles, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sedgwick, C.C. Baldwin, J. Ridgeway Moore, Miss Sibyl Kane, S. Nicholson Kane, Paul Tuckerman, Arthur Lee Willing, Miss Ethel Potter, the Misses Beekman, Miss Binninger, Miss Ervin, Mr. and Mrs. James Brown Potter, R.L. Cutting, Jr., H. De W. Cooke, David Banks, Miss May Morse, Elliott Roosevelt, Col. Ward McAllister, Miss McAllister, Capt. W.C. Beach, Philip Allen, J. Clinton Spencer, Miss Warren, A.H. Sands, Stockton Hough, H.A.S. Martin, Arthur Berry, Peter Moller, Jr., Miss Moller, Alexander M. Hadden, W.H. J. Graham, Smith Clift, Miss Clift, J.R.K. Mettall, Charles A. Wissman, B.B. Tilden, S.B. Wright, A. Adam. Francis J. Vinton, N.P. Rogers, Burd Rogers, Hayward Leavitt, Mr. and Mrs. Allen McLane Hamilton, Wendell Goodwin, Edward De Peyster, Fred Martin, Richard Mortimer, Miss Cowdin, Mr. and Mrs. N.L. McCready, Miss L.W. McCready, Mr. and Mrs. T.B. Baldwin, Allister Greene, J. Andariese, H.R. Pratt, George G. Nichols, W.M. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. J. del Calvo, Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Hayes, V.W. Campbell, Miss Campbell, Miss J.A. Campbell, A.R. Conkling, Edward Matthews, Miss Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. S.S. Howland, Sidney E. Morse, Morgan G. Post, J.B.M. Grosvenor, the Misses Gilbert, J.W. Rasin, Mr. and Mrs. John P. Stockton, Miss Stockton, Charles E. Pell, Mrs. M.S. Thompson, Miss Thompson, Robert Endicott, Miss Endicott, John G. Dale, Miss Dale, M.O. Wilson, A.F. de Navarro, A.G. de Navarro, John Elliott Cowdin, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Smith, Miss Ada P. Smith, George Wotherspoon, Jr., the Misses Wotherspoon, James Clinch Smith, Miss Ella Smith, Miss Bessie Smith, W.W. Spence, Jr., S.D. Schenck, T. Delano Weekes, Mrs. O. William Bird, Miss Bird, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Bartlett, C.L. Perkins, and Miss Perkins.


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