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The First Ball For the Season of the Patriarchs: Dancing At Delmonico's 12-18-1882

The first Patriarch ball of this season came off last night at Delmonico's. The rooms were decorated as usual with tapestry, lambrequins, damask curtains, and illuminated with tinted lights, so that the spectator might easily have imagined that he was at one of the balls of last season. Supper was served at 12:30 in the restaurant in Fifth-avenue, and the cotillion began at 1 o'clock, with about 100 couples upon the floor.

Among the persons present were Mrs. William Astor, Miss Astor, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Roosevelt, Mr. and Mrs. John Jacob Astor, Mrs. Paran Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. William C. Schermerhorn, Miss Schermerhorn, Col. and Mrs. De Lancey Kane, Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Lorillard, Mr. and Mrs. George Henry Warren, Miss Warren, Mr. and Mrs.C. O'D. Iselin, Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Kernochan, Miss Kernochan, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Iselin, Miss Iselin, Mr. and Mrs. R.T. Wilson, Miss Wilson, Lispenard Stewart, Miss Stewart, Miss Endicott, Oakley Rhinelander, Stanley Mortimer, J. Frederick Tams, Mrs. Robert G. Remsen, the Misses Remsen, Frederick W. Stevens, Miss Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Schuyler, Miss Langdon, Le Grand B. Cannon, B.S. Welles, Miss Welles, B.S. Welles, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William Remsen, the Misses Remsen, Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Hamersley, J. Hooker Hamersley, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Berryman, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Neilson, Lewis M. Rutherfurd, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. John G. Heckscher, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd S. Bryce, Mr. and Mrs. Ogden Goelet, Ferdinand Schuschardt, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Turnure, Miss Turnure.

Mr. and Mrs. T.B. Musgrave, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Berryman, Mr. and Mrs. Lucius Tuckerman, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goelet, Campbell Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. James A. Roosevelt, Mrs. Swan, Miss Swan, Mrs. Brockholst Cutting, S. Nicholson Kane, Mr. and Mrs. John Kean, the Misses Kean, Mr. and Mrs. Egerton Winthrop, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clews, Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Morgan, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Humphreys, Leonard W. Jerome, Miss Jerome, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander H. Stevens, the Misses Stevens, Bayard Cutting, Richard Mortimer, George Harry Warren, Elliott Roosevelt, the Misses Hewett, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Fish, Jr., Miss Edith Fish, A.Van Horn Stuyvesant, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Sands, Jr., Isaac Iselin, C. Herbert Pell, Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Lorillard, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Yznaga, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bronson, August Belmont, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Vanderbilt, Mr. and Mrs. C. Vanderbilt, Mr. and Mrs. S.S. Howland, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Torrance, Miss Torrance, Mr. and Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt, Isaac Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Howland, Col. and Mrs. Lawrence Kip, Mr. and Mrs. J. Nelson Tappen, Mrs. Edward Matthewes, the Misses Matthewes.


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