Isle of Man: Tales from the Heart of the Irish Sea

flag of the isle of man

  • Ancient Tynwald: The Isle of Man is home to Tynwald, the oldest continuous parliamentary body in the world, established by the Vikings around AD 979. Tynwald Day, held annually on July 5th, is a unique ceremony where laws are proclaimed in both Manx and English.

  • Viking Heritage: The Isle of Man was a significant Norse settlement during the Viking Age. Numerous Viking artifacts, such as the intricately carved stone crosses and the Viking boat burial at Balladoole, reflect the island’s rich Norse heritage.

  • Castle Rushen: One of the best-preserved medieval castles in Europe, Castle Rushen in Castletown dates back to the 12th century. It served as a royal residence and fortress, and today it stands as a testament to the island’s feudal history.
  • TT Races: Since 1907, the Isle of Man has hosted the Tourist Trophy (TT) motorcycle races, one of the most dangerous and prestigious racing events in the world. The Snaefell Mountain Course, with its challenging curves and high-speed sections, attracts riders and enthusiasts from across the globe.
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